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    Re: My new wheels - thanks guys

    meaker said:
    devo said:
    JL13 said:
    How you like the 20" so far, donmega187? I also considering ordering a new set of rims for my car but I don't know if i should go 20s or not. I really like the 20in look but i don't know if it is going to me hard to maintain, I mean I am worry about changing my blowing up my tires when i hit a pot hole. Also, How does it affect performance? Can you notice a difference at all? I want to go with the Work VSKf if I am doing 20in. Thanks!

    By the way, those are very nice shoes for your car but I would think if you lower your car, it will look even sharper.

    Frankly, I would never consider 20" wheels and can not understand why anyone would apply them to this car.
    A 20" wheel not only weighs more but I'm pretty confident that it will affect the speedo. I don't see how it couldn't. I would assume that the 20's bear a 25 profile tire which would result in a larger measurement than the 30 profile, right?
    Regardless of the speedo issue, why would anyone want to add weight, and hence a significant weight, to a refined sportscar like the 911. Even a 19" in the afore-posted wheel (reverse drop center) will result in a heavy wheel and the 20 makes that condition worse.
    Besides, even if one ignored the performance aspect, the 911 is a masterpiece and too much bling does not do it good. I, initially, held back my emotions regarding the wheels, but this is an informative forum and I had to say something. Only my opinion, hope I didn't offend many.

    I look in to the speedo thing and if you are running the factory 19 with a 295/30 and you go to a 305/25 20" wheel, the speedo at 65 mph is like 64.84 mph. That not even 2 tenths of a mph difference. As for weight the XRR wheels are 24 front and 28 rear(pounds).I'm been looking at a chrome forged 20" wheel and the weight is 25 front and 29 rear. I know that is a pound heaver then 19, but it not like a huge differences. I can remember not to many years ago when 18" was too bling and heavy to be a performance rim. Hell in six years maybe Porsche will be putting 20" on the as standard equipment..

    I would think that the 20's would weigh more; I'm sure chrome wheels would weigh more than that, but if you've weighed them, or have a reliable source, is what it is.
    My other concern would be what the 20's may do over time to the suspension components. I'm aware that P recommended against 19's on the 996 for that very reason. In the end it's a personal choice.

    Re: My new wheels - thanks guys

    I'm sure there are some 20" that weight a lot more, just like there are some 19" that weight a lot less then the stock ones. I just know what the wheels I'm looking at weight. As for long run on suspension, you might be right.I don't think I would have a problem due to the one pound only difference per corner. I know a lot of cars don't recommend any more then 1" difference up or down, in wheel size. Like you said it a personal choice.

    Re: My new wheels - thanks guys

    donmega187 - Those wheels look AWESOME on your car.



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