This black 2009 997TT Stage II cab project came back to us this week to do the first TechArt LED DayTime Running light kit installation. I know a lot of you have been waiting to see what it looks like well here they are in the flesh:

And some pictures:


And yes they're very bright!

The kit is very nicely laid out and there's quite a lot to it as well. There are separate controllers and the lights themselves slot into the factory vents beneath the turn signals. They work reall, really well (think Audi R8). Be prepared for a few hours work (TechArt says around 4-5).

The installation is a little tricky and being "first/an early-adopter" has always been fun. You guys will all get instructions in English but our newest addition to the team didn't and here's what he did to figure out the install. Think of this as the "Extended Version" of the Video: