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    Autostadt Porsche Pavilion

    Well we already saw the new Ferrari museum and saw some mixed feelings among the members. Lets take a look at how Porsche do things instead. Granted this is not a full on museum and the setting is not comparable to the historic city in italy but nevertheless the design just fits in so nicely with its surroundings. Not to mention that this time there are no color issues. IMvHO Porsche did a better job than Ferrari on this one, also the structural and technical aspect of the Porsche Pavilion are much more innovative than on the Ferrari museum, just look at that amazing shape, and yet it's still understated and elegant.

    Architects: Henn Architekten
    Location: WolfsburgGermany
    Design: Martin Henn, Klaus Ransmayr Paul Langley
    Principal: Prof. Dr. Gunter Henn
    Quantity Surveying: Paul Lawrence Lars Becker, Wolfgang Malisius
    Construction Management: Wolfgang Wrba, Siegfried Kruse, Hendrik Noack, Karl Rosebrock
    Project Year: 2012
    Photographs: HG Esch

    Project Area: 1,400 sqm
    Planning: Georg Pichler, Hans Funk Florian Goscheff, Katrin Lind, Birgit Schönbrodt, Yves Six, Wolfram Schneider, Sebastian Schuttwolf, Maximilian Thumfart

    Structural Engineers: Schlaich Bergermann und Partner Prof. Dr. Mike Schlaich, Achim Bleicher, Thomas Schoknecht, Sebastian Linden

    A few weeks ago the Dr .Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG celebrated the opening of their Porsche Pavilion at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg in the presence of 200 guests of honor. For the first time since its opening in 2000, the theme park receives another building structure in the form of the new Porsche Pavilion, which expresses the importance of Porsche within the Volkswagen Group family.

    ‘The building is unique and its construction is extraordinary. This pavilion also has a symbolic and historical dimension, as it hints at the common roots through which Porsche and Volkswagen have been connected from the very beginning and will continue to be connected also in future’, says Matthias Müller, CEO of Porsche AG. ‘As a worldwide leading automobile destination and communication platform for Volkswagen, we provide insights into our brands, values and philosophy for our guests. With the Porsche Pavilion we start a new chapter in the history of the Autostadt’, adds Otto F. Wachs, Director of the Autostadt.

    The organically shaped building is sitting – in mirrored location to the Volkswagen Pavilion- at the central axis of the theme park and offers 400 m² of space for exhibitions and presentations. Its characteristic silhouette will become a distinctive icon amid the lagoon landscape of the Autostadt.

    Curving lines and exciting bends make the Pavilion a dynamic yet reduced sculpture with its characteristics derived from the Porsche brand image. As designed by HENN, the structure captures the dynamic flow of driving with a seamless building skin. Its lines pick up speed and slow down just to plunge forward in large curves with ever-changing radii. A matte-finished stainless steel cladding forms the flush envelope of this vibrant structure, creating the impression of a homogeneous unity, whilst creating a continuously changing appearance depending on light and weather conditions.

    At the entrance the pavilion cantilevers 25m over the lagoon’s water surface in front. Below the cantilever of the large asymmetrical roof, a sheltered external space opens up. This space is visually connected to the surrounding landscape, but forms its own acoustic enclosure, providing seating for a few hundred guests. Architecture and landscape, interior and exterior as well as roof and facade are brought together by HENN in their architectural concept of a coherent, flowing continuum. The external area around the pavilion was designed by landscape architects WES and integrated into the overall concept of the theme park. This is how the new piazzetta creates a connection between the Porsche Pavilion and the adjacent Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Pavilion by means of water features and trees. By walking around the sculptural Porsche Pavilion, further highlights of the Autostadt can be discovered.

    Similar to the monocoque construction technology used for lightweight structures in the automotive and aerospace industries, the building envelope forms a spatial enclosure whilst at the same time acting as load-bearing structure. A total of 620 sheets of stainless steel cladding with welded ribs were prefabricated in a ship-yard in Stralsund and assembled on site.

    Inside the pavilion a concentrated space opens up, allowing visitors to experience the sports car brand Porsche and its history, yet, casting aside the conventional limits and restraints to perception. The elliptically curved ramp embraces the dynamic principle of the architecture and leads the visitor to the lower exhibition stage areas. The exhibition and staging concept created by hg merz architekten museumsgestalter and jangled nerves combines evolution, engineering and the fascination of Porsche into an impressive image of future-oriented tradition. The Original Porsche – a 356 No.1 built in 1948 – is the starting point for a swarm of 25 silver coloured vehicle models at the scale of 1:3, on show in the main exhibition area.

    Tradition and innovation, performance and day-to-day-practicality, design and functionality, exclusiveness and social acceptance: These four antagonistic terms characterise Porsche’s values and philosophy. They are also picked up as themes in short films. A film about the company history, sound stories about selected Porsche models as well as tablet PCs with further information about the exhibited vehicles make this visit’s experience perfect.

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    Great building desing, it has received best of the best architecture award this year.


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    Thanks for the thread, Enmanuel. Should pay a visit to it soon. devil

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    Some personal impressions:




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    Pavillon looks good, much smaller than I expected given the above pictures. Interior is nice but, to be honest, nothing too spectacular. Three current models, Panamera, 991 and 981 all painted in GT-silver. I found the Autostadt to be hugely impressive but in fact those brand pavillons were the least interesting to me. Museum, restaurants, park area as well as additional activities were much more exciting. In fact, I visited the embedded show on the weekend which was, wait for it... free of entry for all visitors.




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    Thanks for the actual pics and impressions Dirk ! Great to get a first hand view on it. That light and water show was fantastic, it must be very impressive to see it live. 

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    Now thats amazing! I'd love to visit it and take pictures of it. Love the way a simple design curve is turned into a building... Thanks for posting Enma! Dirk, thank you as well for the real life pics!


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    Re: Autostadt Porsche Pavilion

    Some more pictures...

    VW Kraftwerk.jpg

    Autostadt 1.jpg

    Porsche Pavillon:




    Re: Autostadt Porsche Pavilion

    You´re welcome, guys! As I said, I find the entire facility to be very impressive. Staff, restaurants, park, offers for children, the museum, the bookstore, the attention to detail, everything is nothing else than impressive. In my opinion, it is a great way to spend a day in the region.

    The Porsche pavillon basically consists of the above shown array of car models as well as three current models (Panamera, 991 C2S, 981 S) all painted in GT-silver. I do hope that, in the long run, they will install a few additional features as it does look a bit rushed right now. The interior items don´t do this magnificent building any justice. 

    I just find it necessary to mention that those brand pavillons are smaller and less spectacular than I expected. Nothing wrong with that, just worth mentioning that one shouldn´t spend too much time there.



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