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    So, what else did you consider....

    Last time I ended up buying a Boxster I test drove a number of cars the same day before making my decision: SLK320, TTR, BMW 330Cab.

    This time gone straight for the Boxster but have just come back from a spin (not literally) in a SLK350 - got to say mightly impressed. Had an auto box witch as a rule I generally hate but if I was to get one of these I would consider it - a 7sp jobby. Took it on the twisties too and handled well (had the optional sports suspension).

    Gadget most impressed with - the airscarf, it really worked even on the Motorway and slightly more than legal speeds (unless you are in law enforcement and then very well up to 70mph)

    Re: So, what else did you consider....


    I looked at the SLK 350 at Langstone's in Eastleigh. Didn't actually like the inside at all, very plasticky, not as classy as the old SLK. Wandered around the showroom for nearly an hour, no one interested in talking to me at all, so I thought bollocks to them. Arrogant and indifferent even worse than Scotthalls. And I have heard too many bad tales of the after sales I had driven a BMW z4, abysmal ride, didn't like the styling inside or out, a 3 series pram not me really. And it meant continuing the relationship with My Favourite Garage. Also tried an Elise 111-R which was brilliant fun but I think the novelty would wear off, too hard core for me. TVR - not convinced about reliability. Looked at the Audi TT V6 but as I am neither an estate agent or a hairdresser I didn't qualify So that left the Boxster, although not by default as I have always wanted a Porker.

    Re: So, what else did you consider....

    Before I bought my 2001 Boxster S I considered these cars, all used incidentally:

    Porsche 993
    BMW E46 M3
    Honda NSX

    On a similar note, what are you fellas likely to buy next? My hit list includes (all used again):

    Porsche 996 Turbo (X50 or chipped)
    Porsche 996 GT2
    Porsche 997
    Porsche 996 C4S, possibly cabrio
    Ferrari 355/360
    Possibly Lambo Gallardo depending on depreciation.

    Obviously some of these cars would need me to drive a cheap daily-use car.

    Re: So, what else did you consider....

    Looked at some of those this time round - test drove a used 360F1, 997, 996C4S but decided I could get just as much pleasure from the Boxster for what I'm looking for (and have Pounds20K+ left in my pocket), although had the waiting list for the AMV8 not been so stupid (and the dealer a little less ignorant) I may have put my money down for that.

    Next car, may change the emphasis - a nice sporty saloon/SUV and a more extreme fun car, something along the lines of an Ariel Atom... but hey, haven't even got the Boxster yet and who knows what will happen next!

    Re: So, what else did you consider....

    For me, my 987 will be purely a toy, so when I was looking for a car there were quite a few diff ones

    First I was looking for a second hand Boxster S
    Then after seeing the Exige S2 at the NEC motor show this year, decided I wanted that.
    Then decided the lotus was to hardcore, and started looking for a turbo bodied 993 or GT3 bodied 996.
    Then the pictures of the 987 came out and I had to have it! Originally that was to be a 2.7, but then thought bugger it and chose the 3.2s

    You can see how my budget has just got bigger and bigger!! Fool! To be honest always used to say to my mum that I would have a Porsche b4 I was 30 (28 now), so Its always been the car for me!
    Next car depends on how fat my wallet is at the time!!!
    Would like a 996 GT3, or maybe the Aston V8 or depdning on what it looks like the next M3, due 2006 I think. Who knows , something fast most likely!!!!!



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