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    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    Is this the new Aston Martin version of the Mustang?

    No, just kidding Ron.

    Thanks for the photo.

    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    Looks wierd to me too. It looks like a mixture of BMW, Aston and something else that I can't put my finger on .

    He should have stayed with Aston.

    Re: Fisker Coachworks


    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    its an astonmartinization of the 6 series. and it only cost a mesely $250,000.

    with this baby out, nobody is going to bother buying 430's gallardo's and regular aston martins.

    Yea right

    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    Ron (Houston) said:
    Looks wierd to me too. It looks like a mixture of BMW, Aston and something else that I can't put my finger on .


    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    this has to be a photoshop no? its a 6 series with an aston grill.

    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    Fisker needs to go back to the drawing boards

    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    Profile looks like BMW 8-series

    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    Looks exactly like a BMW 850 with an Aston front.
    The initial sketches were much better IMO.

    Btw I contacted Fisker Coachbuild to ask if they needed assistance with their graphic design...and I guess that didnt go well with their female marketing boss.
    In a somewhat sarchastic mail she made it clear that their logo design and graphics were "meant for an exclusive target audience" - which I interpreted as "get lost dipshit, you dont have a clue or the money for this car."

    I think it's sad that their graphics look sad compared to Fisker's designs.
    Let me hear your opinion on that.

    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    You ask, I tells ya....

    Flash animation on the home landing page just blows. Way out of date now.

    The graphics and branding look pretty sleepy. If Fisker is intent on marketing a new iconic car, they need to do better.

    For a $250K car design, I dont feel the magic or see the energy in the product design.

    For a web site aimed at promoting a new trinket to the Robb Report crowd, its a loser. Why should they call?

    The car and the web site look very late 90's. Their logo
    looks mid-late 70's. Slap it on a Mustang II or a cheap weed whacker and it would NOT look out of place. Its that scary unintended retro bad.

    My dog can walk through paint and leave a better trail.

    Barf it up and go to sleep Fisker.

    Re: Fisker Coachworks

    What a disappointment.

    And because he is merely doing coachwork for an SL55 or 6-series, you are pretty much going for all style, luxury, and exclusivity. Those cars perform fairly well for GTs, but not my bag for $250k.

    - J



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