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    987S - first newbie impressions

    First off the disclaimer again: I'm pretty much a newbie Porsche owner though I have been prone to cabs/roadsters for years (Audi 80 Cabriolets, Mazda MX 5, Audi TT roadsters). Lacking the base for a solid comparison to other Porsche options or previous models, as well as long experience with the current options, this can only be a first impression after 4 weeks of ownership.

    S engine - Like it but can't compare to non-S version. Given a choice between loaded 2.7 and barebone 3.2 I'd probably choose the naked S on principle of power.
    Triple black (basalt) - gorgeous, except for the unavoidable makeup stains inside . I firmly believe not much comes close in terms of sex appeal to a shiny black sportscar; would love to try the two tone or grey interior with it though
    Body coating (what's it called?) - Can't tell yet how good it is yet but know I will need it
    Full leather interior - makes for a more classy and elegant interior - could still do without it if needed
    Heated seats - personal must have (think open night drives)
    Sports seats - Better than I thought (had memory seats on order originally). Perfect fit. Wish they'd come with memory function.
    3-spokes leather steering wheel - great looks and good grip for little money - no brainer
    PASM - Not sure yet. Though it's great to have a choice of comfort (hello Chiswick roads) and sporty setting I find it somewhat inconvenient to switch and change my handling mindset with it. Would probably rather have a single setting which fits me. Need more time with it.
    Sports chrono - Ambivalent again. At first I had trouble even telling the difference. The throttle reaction is nice and I'd love to keep it but couldn't care less for the ugly wart on my dashboard; dont need a stopwatch either - would probably ditch it the next time around unless they get rid of the wart
    19" Carrera wheels - Look good; costly to replace - could consider going with 18" if necessary (cannot tell handling difference due to lack of comparison)
    BOSE sound - love the engine sound but do occasionally like to listen to CDs so it's a must have (the other sound options are pitiful.. no rear speakers)
    Wind deflector - must have for a roadster/cab
    Fully automatic climate control - wonder why this is not standard - it's not mission critical but feels cheap to be charged for
    Cruise control - why oh why, on British roads?
    Bi-Xenon lights - can see much better with those (sensitive eyesight due to Lasik) - must have safety feature (besides the cool looks)
    PCM (Nav) - was told it's a must for resale (not convinced); NAV system is better than expected and I grew used to having the map on while driving - would still likely do without if cash was an issue

    General impression:

    Materials/controls/usability - I was somewhat surprised by the numerous visual quirks like the cheap quality of the instrument design (who picked that italic font for the speedo??), the toy door handles, levers and buttons or the ingnition key which reminds me of a Barbie asset (missing my solid Audi levers and the snap-out key). The trunk and hood lids are surely on my victim list, as they are so paperthin it's only a question of time until I get them BOTH dented in an attempt to gently close them. I see the benefits of using aluminium but am not sure I like that resulting latent fear of damaging my car just by touching it. Visibility to the rear is poor with the top closed but I was used to that; no issues. I like the concept of the hood closing/opening while driving and the well designed cup holders (though I rarely use them).

    Looks - Absolutely love it, and that's no easy admission. Up until the 987 I didn't really count Boxsters into the range of cars I would ever consider liking, let alone buying. At first I refused to even test drive it and concentrated solely on used 911s. However, once I took a closer look at a gorgeous black 987S in the showroom the design just clicked for me. Mucles and lines, yeah baby! This car has grown up.

    Driving (mostly dry roads, daily driver) - From my perspective, the 987 drives fantastically. I wish I could give a more professional impression but believe me, I'm still growing into the car. It's remarkably easy to drive which might put some enthusiasts off , but I simply value the fact that it makes stop&go commutes actually bearable, and not annoying due to an oversensitive clutch etc. Luckily those are the exception and most of the time it's pure, naked, active, fun to chase pigeons around the roundabouts and to inch ever so much closer to the amazing handling limits of the car (PSM kicked in once or twice when my turns got a bit too spirited for the wet road). The S version also sports a nice engine rumble (except in third between 2500 and 3000 where I can hear a slightly higher pitch) and has just enough OOMPH to invoke that typical sportscar exhiliration. I like fast cars but am a coward at the same time, so I appreciate any safety feature (like awd, psm, abs etc) that keeps me on the road when I make a mistake. The Boxster feels controlled so far, not jumpy at all (tested only up to 120 mph due to speed limit), with a nicely elastic engine (sometimes I have to remind myself to shift). The brakes are very good but it took a track day for me to trust them as I was first a bit wary of the initially slightly more spongey reaction (compared to the 911). Shifting is clear and precise, much easier than in the Audi TT (big point for me since I've been shifting with the other hand until recently).

    Driving (wet/snowy roads) - Can't say yet though wet roads/tires were the only occasion I've ever seen the PSM come into play. Ask me next March whether I still like the Boxey

    What's next?
    Driver training to get the most out of my baby. Driving driving driving.

    Re: 987S - first newbie impressions

    Broadly agree with your comments. With PASM, which is active all the time, in comfort mode if you decide to drive like Michael Schumaker the system AUTOMATICALLY stiffens up for you. So you don't need to manually switch to sport just to do Formula 1 impressions. I think it is excellent. Agree with sports seats, really comfortable and supportive during spirited driving moments. My wife wouldn't be without the heated seats, I don't use mine much. Sport chrono is much less beneficial on the Boxster than on the 997. I think the salesman gave you bullsh*t about PCM essential for resale, I specced it because I had nav on my last car (BMW) and the DVD system in the Boxster is many times better. The 19" wheels probably the easiest option for me to do without, they look fabulous, but don't add anything to the driving and the tyres are much more expensive. Cruise control? Not for me - I am not American and it is a sports car! The cheap plastic door handles are inexusable when you get proper aluminium ones in a VW Golf that is less than half the money. Climate I had as I was advised that it was an "expected" extra, but not bothered by it as I tend to override it anyway. Autodim mirrors very handy as are the rain sensing wipers. Sports steering wheel nicely smaller than the standard item but I don't like the ungainly central boss very much.

    I've also thought about driver training but at Pounds500 it certainly isn't cheap. Track day is my next treat!

    Re: 987S - first newbie impressions

    Nice Comment Ente, thanks, will try it all out when I have mine !!
    Question for all the 987 owners (and 997) : My car has Continental Tires, should I worry
    Was HOPING for Michelin Pilot Sport, as they came with the Demo Boxster S, REALLY LIKED them !!


    Looking back at an AutoCar magazine tyre test from Oct 04, the Michelin Pilot Sport (a) didn't fare too well. Against Bridgestone Potenza S-03 PP (b), Dunlop SP Sport Maxx (c), Goodyear Eagle F1 (d), Pirelli P Zero Nero (e), they were rated (in best to worst order):
    - Curved aquaplaning... b,d,c,e,a
    - Straight Aquaplaning... d,a,e,c,b
    - Wet Braking... d,b,c,e,a
    - Wet Handling... d,b,c,a,e
    - Noise... d,b,c,e,a
    - Dry Handling... b,c,e,a,d

    Wet Braking was 53m for the best tyre (Goodyear) and 63m for the worst (Michelin), braking in the wet from 50mph to 5mph. Continental weren't tested.

    Guess what's fitted to mine...

    Re: 987S - first newbie impressions

    Freak 2 said:
    Nice Comment Ente, thanks, will try it all out when I have mine !!
    Question for all the 987 owners (and 997) : My car has Continental Tires, should I worry
    Was HOPING for Michelin Pilot Sport, as they came with the Demo Boxster S, REALLY LIKED them !!

    My car (987 S) came with Contis SportContact 2. At first I was somewhat pissed off because the other cars (non-S) that also came on the same truck had Michelin's Pilot Sport PS2.

    Since I had the Pilot Sport (not the PS2) with my 986 and I really liked I asked if it was possible to exchange them. The service manager said, sure, we can exchange them if the rim is the same (it was) but you will be better served with the Contis. He also said that most of the 997 are now coming with Contis and that he personally recommends every customer to put Contis when they come in for tire changes.

    Some of the reasons he indicated was that it provides a better ride quality while still retaining the same grip, less road noise and better customer support in case of a defect with the tire. When I mentioned that I was afraid of not getting the same grip and "sporty" feel with the Contis I would get with the PS2, he said that the tires fitted on the 997 presentation cars at Estoril were all Contis and Bridgestone/Pirelli (can't remember which one of these two he said). If the PS2 were just a superior tire, Porsche would have surely fitted them on the presentation cars (which were all tracked at the Estoril course).

    After using them for over 1400 Km (got the car a little over a week ago) I can say that they do provide a very communicative and sport feel. I just can't compare then with the PS2 since I haven't yet been able to test a car with the PS2 and PASM. There is a 987 2.7 without PASM but that is probably not a fair comparison to make so I haven't even test drove it. So, if anyone has been able to compare both tires with the same suspension setup please let us know your findings.

    Re: 987S - first newbie impressions

    THANKS Guys for the quick response to my question !!
    I really appreciate it !!
    Anyone else with Contis with some miles on the car ??
    BTW Steven, can we see some pics of your baby, PLEASE ??

    Re: 987S - first newbie impressions

    Freak 2 said:
    THANKS Guys for the quick response to my question !!
    I really appreciate it !!
    Anyone else with Contis with some miles on the car ??
    BTW Steven, can we see some pics of your baby, PLEASE ??

    I'm going to drop by the dealer today to finish some business and have it washed and I'll then take a few pictures

    Ever since I got it I could not find the "time" to take pictures of it :P

    Re: 987S - first newbie impressions

    I'm going to drop by the dealer today to finish some business and have it washed and I'll then take a few pictures

    Washed yet?



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