When I took my 997 T (5,000 miles) in for a brake fluid change, the mechanic found that fluid from the car's hydraulic clutch assist had backed up into the fluid reservoir and the reservoir was leaking. The part was replaced and the system allegedly bled. Immediately afterward, I found that the travel of the clutch before it engages has increased to about two inches. The clutch works, but its "feel" (travel, rebound, etc.) is erratic. On the track, it even lost the ability to "spring back" from the point of engagement to the "up" or unengaged position. I'm bringing the car back and will have the system bled again, but I want to be specific about the amount of travel that I will accept. I never measured this, but can't imagine that there was more than 1/2 inch in travel before engagement previously. Does anyone have a spec or opinion on the proper amount?