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    I have had my C2S now for a while and it has 12000km on the clock (7500 miles)... The thing is that I have really got A LOT of stonechips on the bonnet and in the front in general.. No stonechips in the front window which I find wierd. I cant remember that i've driven behind a lorry or something that has released a lot of gravel or similar.. Anyway I do have many small small stone-chips.

    My car is solid black and I recently had it on a top-coating treatment. The car is in really excellent condition but but the guy who helped me polished it (professional) told me that the paint was somehow not as resistant to stone-chips and similar as other car-brands. He told me that they tend to use another paint on all 997 compared to 996 and he did really find the paint "different" and hard to work with when applying the paintsealing.

    Anyone else in here that have experienced similar? Any differences between the paint for non-metallic and metallic? Could this perhaps be something under guarantee that I can ask my dealer to paint the bonnet?

    It really is not visible from distance and I dont' bother that much on a daily basis, but after I've washed the car and the stonchips are really noticable in the "wrong" sunlight...

    I live in a country where they REALLY like to spread salt and gravel on the road during the winter when its below freezingpoint... But I've looked at other cars and none seem to have this much small stonechips

    Any thoughts re this?? Anyone with similar experiences and have any info about the "paint quality"?



    Re: Stonechips!

    IMHO, it's not an issue with the paint quality as much as with the paint formula? I too think the paint is softer and more prone to chipping, but keep in mind the cars are pretty low. I have a clear bra on the bumper only. I have some small specs on the hood and a couple in the windshield as well. Of course it's irritating, but it's part of driving the car. It's hard to accept, but harder to not drive the car? Just don't look at it in the kind of light that shows every little imperfection =)

    Re: Stonechips!

    I have no comments on the paint differences between 996 and 997 - other than what you were told sounds like b.s. to me. The only thing I have to say about Porsche paint is that I don't think it's as good as it could and should be.

    Regarding the stone chips from winter driving, I am in the same boat as you. That's why I don't drive my 911 in the winter. Get yourself a cheap used Subaru 4X4 and protect your 911 for years to come.

    If you insist on driving it in the winter (and a good argument for that can be made of course), then I would get a 3M clear bra or similar treatment. I have also considered the following possibility, though I don't know how feasible or effective it would really be: get the 3M treatment, AND get a traditional Porsche bra to put on top of that. The idea would be that the 3M clear bra would protect the car from the chaffing that traditional bras can cause. In theory, the traditional bra would better protect your winter beauty from the large rocks and stones that end up on our streets, and the 3M bra would protect your car from the bra, and in the summer.

    Re: Stonechips!

    On the Rennlist OCBen (I thnk) sent a bunch of us to a very informative website that appears to clarify what you are experiencing.

    If you read through this guide it will lead you to a 2005 update on paints which, in summary, appear to have adopted the US obsession for HARD clear coats as opposed to the softer, cushioning clear coats of yesterday, that were able to better absorb the harsh impact of road debris upon it. I hope the explanation within there will help you to understand what seems to have transpired with Mercedes and now, apparently, Porsche.


    Re: Stonechips!

    Mine seems pretty solid. A few chips here and there that I've managed to touch up. If you think P's are bad then check out F's. You look at it and you find another chip.

    Re: Stonechips!

    Porsche paint finishes are soft; if you want to protect the front then you need to have a clear bra fitted. On the day that I took delivery of my 997 C4S it had 3M vinyl affixed to the front PU, half bonnet leading edges of both wings and the mirrors.

    Re: Stonechips!

    Thanks for your suggestions and thoughts guys. Really appreciated. Some nice reading in that article about if german car paint is on a different level... Seems like its more soft and less resistant to small small stones that "attacks" the hood.

    As you also said,... the purpose to have the car is to use it and not keeping it in the garage. I actually don't drive during winter-time but it will take approx 1-2 months between the winter season and when they clean the streets.. During this period the right foot is very very eager to get out and driving.. and its especially during this 2 month period when the risk for getting stonechips is higher...

    Regarding the clear bra I think its to late to apply that and the cost for applying that I will invest in a repainted bonnet in 2 years or something.... The good thing however is that now when i have some stonchips I don't need to worry that much to get even more

    did wash my car yesterday and its not that annoying after all.. and I did realise that the pleasure of driving still remains the same and its almost not noticable for a human eye without studying it in detail


    Re: Stonechips!

    Got the same car as you have (solid black - 12k on the odo)
    and noticed some minor stonechips and 2 more serious ones
    although I let the paint protect by a 2 components acryl stuff upon delivery in June last year. However, I think due to high speed driving here in Germany and the shape of the front part of the car stonechips are unavoidable.
    I also own a solid black E-class Mercedes which is painted with a so called 'Nano' paint. I can tell you that this car nearly hasn't got any swirls/scratches and so on and much less stonechips. Dont't know if the resistance against stonechips is due to the kind of paint or shape of the car. Occasionally I asked a Porsche engineer why Porsche doesn't use this 'Nano' paint. He explained that this paint is much more difficult to repair. No idea if it's true or just an excuse.

    Re: Stonechips!

    Thanks for the great input Tom! And also nice that you enjoy the same car... it's great fun

    Re the paint-quality its a shame that Porsche does not use the best/latest technology available. What also concerns me is that according to my source the 996 paint was better in this area... Weird though, but something we have to live with... I still love the solid black however and with that fact I can live with the minor stonechips

    Re: Stonechips!

    Lukas, had the same problems with my 996 - therefore I cannot imagine the the quality changed.

    Re: Stonechips!

    Is a regular car bra common in Europe? I don't remember seeing any while visiting.

    I'm thinking of bringing one with me when I pick up my baby at the factory.

    Re: Stonechips!

    Years ago I had my lower valence on a 911 and the rear fender extenders repainted but I had them spray them all with a heavy, shock absorbing undercoat. The color coat goes over it. I never had a paint chipping problem again in those areas.


    Re: Stonechips!

    SVNSVN said:
    Is a regular car bra common in Europe? I don't remember seeing any while visiting.

    No, neither regular bra nor clear bra is common over here. I have a clear bra but have not seen any other 997 with a bra yet.

    SVNSVN said:
    I'm thinking of bringing one with me when I pick up my baby at the factory.

    Good idea
    So, you can get a professional install of the clear bra in the US later and don't need the mediocre installation done in Zuffenhausen.

    Re: Stonechips!

    Thanks, ewi!

    That's my plan - so if you see an Arctic Silver C4S Cab with a silver reg bra ... that'll likely be me.

    Re: Stonechips!

    ... and if you see a Cobalt Blue C2S that will likely be me - if it has a clear bra it must be me

    Be prepared to see some funny reactions when people look at your silver bra. Some might even think of some sort of camouflage and will try to take a spy pic

    Re: Stonechips!

    Hope to see you in September!



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