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    4th Model by Autobild - Long

    Sorry for the translation it is done by Google Translator.

    One hardly believes it, but viersitzige sports cars have a long tradition with Porsche. Already into the Sechzigern Pininfarina created an appropriate study with the contraction B17, ten years later designed those Swabia a viersitzigen prototype on basis 911, and to 75. Birthday of Ferry Porsche (1984) originated in of 928 derived Unikat with four seats.

    It became correctly serious then at the beginning of the 90's, when under Arno Bohn the project 989 one advanced. The four-door Coupé looked at first sight like a further 911er-Derivat, but in the elegant schraegheck debuetierte a V8 inserted in front, which should propel the rear or all four wheels alternatively. As replacement for the 928 planned Hingucker stood however under no good star: When Bohn had to take its hat, it had happened also around the 989.

    Under the new strong man Wendelin Wiedeking prospered to rapidly two new series with Boxster and Cayenne. The decision for the fourth series was again shifted however up to the today's day always? despite record production, fat profits, capacity extension capacity extension and capital increase. At present these three alternatives are discussed: an entrance model platziertes under the Boxster? a V8/V10-Mittelmotorsportwagen as a forerunner that already 2010/2011 due and then really new boxing he such as 911-Generation? a V8-Frontmotorauto, which uses as much as possible modules from the Cayenne component system.

    Who knows Wendelin Wiedeking, which suspects, how the boss will decide. After the slogan "minimum expenditure, maximum yield" can fall its choice actually only on the Cayenne folder. In the initial phase those had discussed Porsche stepping gene two variants: a sport combination with Crossover elements and a viersitziges Coupé. In the meantime is the combination from running, but thus the traffic lights do not stand for the Coupé still for a long time on green.

    After current status of information the cubes are to only fall in the third quarter of this yearly. A substantial crack point is still the disputed door concept. For decision both four conventionally fastened einstiegsluken and two, narrower fondtueren without disturbing b-columns, fastened in the back, stand.

    The renouncement of the middle roof posts has optical charm, raises however various technical problems. In addition belong the more with difficulty representable side impact protection, the smaller twisting firmness and the complicated Schwenkmimik of the rear doors. Thus for example the small side window turns a good when opening handbroadly into the interior inside.

    United itself the product planners are over the fact that the new model receives four seats. Head and leg liberty in the rear do not only have to be sufficient for high requirements, also the in and door are on only more the average articulatedness that already somewhat bejahrten target group cut. With the capacity of the trunk the technical designers let talk rather with itself, because the hinged fondsitze create if necessary clearly more reservoir. Place and load barness depend however strongly on the final form of the rear end. Well possible that it here nevertheless still another late approximation of Coupé - and sport combination parliamentary group will give.

    The project with the simple contraction E2 be based on the component system of the Cayenne, does however without any Offroad ambitions. In the opposite: In order to save mass and weight, particularly within the range of drive and wheel suspension radically one abgespeckt. The barriers fly raus; Pneumatic cushioning can be, must however not; also the all-wheel drive shines in the basic model by absence.

    The E2-Projektteam exerts influence on the Cayenne with its work even indirectly, from which there is to be at the end of of 2006 an easier club haven variant with only two propelled wheels. Presupposed, VOLKSWAGEN plays along and lets the appropriate changes into the series flow in time.

    In the ideal case the Porsche GT would be a front central engine car in Transaxle building method, which promises an optimal weight distribution by the transmission paged out to the rear axle. But this desire conception is probably put only partially into practice, whereby a new wheel suspension and an installation position of the V8 shifted toward cockpit are more probable than the spatial separation from engine and transmission.

    In contrast to the 1580 kilogram the E2-Zielgewicht is to easy 989 from at that time about 1800 Kilos. The piston displacement of the V8 rises from at that time 3.6 to shortly 5.0 litres. While the directly injecting Sauger gets approximately 400 HP, the Biturbo is to mobilize even 550 HP. As power transmission a double clutch transmission with six drive positions is favored.

    Porsche took precautions and beside the Cayenne assembly line place production for a duplication of the capacity. The earliest possible start for the GT Coupé is in the autumn 2008. Only twelve months later already the Cayenne successor lines up. That gives cause for hope that the Coupé goals will become effective such as lightweight construction and driving fun also in the Cayenne II still more strongly.

    Re: 4th Model by Autobild - Long

    Good God, Ron, I have a headache from trying to read that!

    But that picture can't be believed, I don't think. Someone chopped a couple of 996 pictures and stuck some extra doors in. I don't think Porsche's design team are THAT devoid of original ideas!

    But I have been wrong before.

    Anyway, thanks for posting this. And I like your new icon.


    Re: 4th Model by Autobild - Long

    Ron...just a nice try from Autobild...don't worry.

    Re: 4th Model by Autobild - Long

    Carrageous said:
    Good God, Ron, I have a headache from trying to read that!

    I actually gave up reading it after the 3rd paragraph before developing a headache



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