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    Questions regarding different model year GT2

    Having sold my 996TT earlier this year, I am currently in the process of purchasing a GT2 and my choices are between an 02MY Comfort Spec or 01MY Clubsport.

    Having driven a 01MY GT2 in both comfort and clubsport spec back to back on the track and road last year in the UK. I came to the following conclusions regarding the cars:-

    The Clubsport was much sharper of the two cars. It was much easier to manipulate near the limit and at turn-in it was night and day compared to the Comfort car which felt as if it just did'nt want to turn.

    Both cars' suspensions were as per factory spec for the road. I enquired about the handling discrepancies between the two cars and was informed that the full roll cage on the CS car helped stiffen the body and chassis whereas the Comfort model's body was flexing . I questioned that the 996TT body/chassis felt very taut and stiff and the reply was that extra tautness came with the drive-shaft and housing for the 4WD.

    Now my question is whether the increased body stregthening/stiffening on 02MY 996 included the turbo bodied cars. This would help my decision making between the two choices a lot easier.

    Thanks in advance.


    Re: Questions regarding different model year GT2

    Everything sounds a bit weird to me, really don't know who told you that. I don't know what the 4WD has to do with stiffness.
    Yes, the Clubsport roll cage does add some sort of "stiffness" to the GT2 but I've been assured that you can feel this extra "stiffness" (or less flexibility) only with slicks driving very hard.
    So my personal conclusion (it doesn't have to be right): the Clubsport version you testdrove had either a different suspension setup (very likely, factory setup is pretty conservative and not perfect for track use) or different tires than the "comfort" oriented car. Well, comfort spec is a bit exaggerated because the only "technical" difference between Clubsport and "Comfort" is the roll cage, which can be retrofitted at the factory at Werk 1 if customers ask for it.
    Not cheap though.

    Regarding MYs: I took the conclusion that new MYs are always better on Porsche cars. Porsche does a lot of mods and "bugfixes", most of them are unknown and invisible to the human eye.

    BTW: as far as I know, there is no MY 2001 on the GT2. The GT2 started as a MY 2002. I didn't look it up yet but as far as I remember, this is right. First cars were delivered to customers in spring 2001 as MY 2002 cars with the steel brake.

    Re: Questions regarding different model year GT2


    Thanks very much for your reply.

    I was quite astounded by the differences in handling/roadholding between the CS and the Comfort. The cars are very much identical, same tyres, same suspension set up etc. Both cars are owned by the same person. Were delivered together.

    When he informed me of the reasons, I was very much taken aback, but can find no other explaination for the discrepancies. I have driven many GT3s and there's no negligible differences between the CS and Comfort models.

    Besides the actual roadholding differences as noted in my earlier post, the actual driving experience is also different as well, where the CS feels so alive through the steering and seat of the pants, the Comfort model feels rather overdamped.

    I thought the MY02 had the revised interiors as per the rest of the 996 range, ie cup holders, glove box and whatever bug fixes.

    Anyway it would be interesting to find out as a fact whether the roll cage does play such an important factor in the turbo bodied cars.

    Once again, thanks very much for the reply.




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