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    Re: yes, but...

    The fun part is: when I read comments of SL55 AMG owners, one could think they drive the ultimate sports car.
    I want to be honest: I drive very fast but not to the limit anymore (because I have a wife and a kid). Since I own my Turbo (more than two years now) I NEVER met another sports car or driver to match with it. NONE.
    The only person who could cope with it was the second half of, CR Germany. So I'm sure there are many sports car drivers out there which think they're fast but trust me, most are not even close to fast.
    I guess William who met CR Germany personally in Germany knows very well what I'm talking about.

    Do you agree, CR?

    Forgot, especially for you Dario

    The ML55 is real fun. It took me from Mandelieu/Cannes to Milano only 2 hours and 45 minutes. You know what that means, right?!
    Do you know the Autobahn there? A lot of nasty curves and dozens of tunnels, some of them even more than half a mile long.
    It was kind of fun to watch so called sports car drivers give up when I took these curves with speeds way over 125 mph. In a SUV, fully loaded with wife and kid. And trust me, there was no danger, the car felt very safe and I wasn't even close to the limit.
    So if someone thinks he is fast, think again. 125 mph on the race track are kiddy play, 125 mph on a deserted country road are kiddy play too.

    And now I'll shut up before I get a visit...;)

    Re: Forgot, especially for you Dario

    I really think that the ML55 is a great car/ fast,beautiful and secure.....but a lot of people think that the SUV are dangerous....
    For daily drive i prefer my Jeep to all cars,the drive position is high,the seats are soft,is automatic and if you whant is fast not much,but if someone is near you at the traffic lights you can smoke it easy.....heheh
    Yes is not fun to drive...but for the fun drive we have best cars...Porsche!

    Sure if i have the money i put in my garage a Cayenne Turbo an ML55 or a X5 IS.....
    For life is better to have a lot of HP


    Re: yes, but...

    Christian,i have to admit that i'm a quiet guy...but if someone race me,i'm not able to stay calm...i hate road race becouse are dangerous and dangerous,i''d sell my RS4 also becouse all time i take an Autobahn someone race me,Subaru,M3,BMW 330TD,CLK compressor,all kind of cars...and all time i must show that mine is not an A4 with aerokit,but is a 420 HP station wagon...yes only if there is no traffic,if i'm only in the car and if is a good day...

    Now i'm satisfied,with a Turbo if someone race me and i think is difficult.....i go on the right lane and let it pass me....i race only with Tornado,F16 a Formula One car....the other for me don't exist

    with a Porsche you have nothing to demonstrate........


    Re: yes, but...

    Dario, it is not about demonstrating anything. It is about fun. I don't buy a fast car to drive slowly.
    But you're right, on public streets, people should be very very careful. When I sometimes see how young rice burner drivers drive 120 kph in downtown of our city, I can't accept that.
    This is not driving fast, this is crazy.
    On deserted country roads the worst thing which can happen is a stray cat or a rabbit passing the road. I know somebody who hit a cat at 260 kph. Poor cat, the car had some front damage (nothing really bad) and the driver's pride was hurt. No, it wasn't me.

    Streetracing is dangerous, no doubt about it. And especially we Turbo drivers have to be careful because of the potential of this car. It takes a minute or so to hit 300 kph, some tuned Turbo does it even in half of a minute or less. Ouch.

    Re: yes, but...

    hehehe Chris also i don't buy a fast car to go slowly...

    I have a lacune...but your turbo is Tuned???? surely yes...and which mods have you do????



    ...a gentleman enjoys and keeps his mouth shut.

    Re: Dario...

    ok ......but one day if i need help can ask to you advice??


    Re: Dario...

    Sure, this is why we created this website, right?!

    Can't help but...

    ...this engine fascinates me. V12 with 500 HP (bi-turbo charged). This engine is the new engine on the S600 and CL600. In the Maybach, it delivers 550 HP.

    Re: yes, but...


    What an interesting forum, great community here. This is my first post since realizing that this forum existed about three weeks ago.

    Great thread!

    RC, I think you have hit the nail on the head regarding this topic with comments regarding how many drivers actually drive their cars to the full potential.

    IMHO the 996TT is the fastest A/B car on the road, make no mistake about, if one can drive it as intended. I think lots of people have misconceptions that driving fast means being lead footed and power over-steering around a bend.

    I find it confusing when people do things like change the suspension on the 996TT and then set it up so there's no understeer. Ask a F1 driver if he likes his car set up that way? Very mild understeer is a pre-requisite, why? Then you know that you are maximising the grip on the front/steering wheels.

    The stock 996TT is already an incredible car on the road, safe and fast, but most inportantly FUN. You car try many driving techniques on the car and wont be bitten. I wonder how many people have tried tap-dancing throw the apex at threshold limits....hehehe, now that is fast.

    Its not an all win-win situation regarding the 996TT, I do have my reservations- it could do with another 70bhp on top of the stock 420bhp making it just under 500bhp, the chassis can cope, now that would be FUN

    Just some personal thoughts.

    Once again, RC and CR, great forum.


    Welcome aboard Gavin, NT

    RC- are there " rice burners" in Germany ?

    I thought it was mainly a US , esp California and urban East coast/Florida thing . Do they do the " farty" exhaust cans and big wings, blue turn signals,big decals also ?

    Re: RC- are there " rice burners" in Germany ?

    in Itlay there are a lot of rice burners and also in are Fiat Punto GT,Fiat Uno Turbo,Fiat Bravo,Ford Escort Cosworth,Seat Ibiza,VolksWagen Golf etc.......big wings,blue lights,and big stereo system..but a few HP....heheheheh


    Re: RC- are there " rice burners" in Germany ?

    Yep, we have "rice burners" too. Don't get me wrong: I'm not talking about the Honda NSX which is a fine sports car. I'm talking about those Hondas, Toyotas with exhaust pipes wider than my a.. and that low, that they hit every little stone lying on the street. These are the guys who usually try to race me but I usually don't give them any attention.
    BTW: we don't have much rice burners retrofitted with Nitro power or aftermarket turbo systems, these are usually regular Hondas, etc. with stock power or maybe a few horses more.

    BTW: there are two 964 drivers out there in my town who fool these young people in their rice burners by racing them for money. They usually drive to McDonald's McDrive where these rice burner guys hang out and they start to wait for provocative comments from them. Then, they ask them to race for money and these stupid little kids agree because they think they can outrun these two "old" Porsche with their "old" drivers (both are in the mid 30s) easily. These two 964 look pretty ordinary, no spoiler, no aerokits or whatever on them. What these kids don't know: both 964 have modified turbo charged engines, one with almost 530 HP and the car weights only 1200 kg.
    Some accidents already happened and police seems to keep an close eye on these two Porsche drivers. But the kids still fall for it and lose money (and sometimes their car and life). What a shame.

    Re: RC- are there " rice burners" in Germany ?

    Sad story......I hate this thing...


    Re: you have a point, but

    you are totally right about what a 996Turbo intended to be.. a very fast, safe, comfortable point a to b car.

    I have to disagree about the understeer comment. The 996 turbo do not have mild understeer... The understeer you experienced in a F1 is very different than a 996 Turbo. Every go-kart are tuned to understeer to ensure drivers be able to 'feel' the limit, because a go-kart is so weight sensitive, oversteer bias go kart can be impossible to control for many laps, the understeer of a kart can easily be controlled by your left foot, which is not the case in a 996 Turbo.

    The fastest way for a 996TT to go through a bend is to have no understeer/oversteer, and I find oversteer in a 996 Turbo alot easier to adjust than understeer, another word, I can turn in at much higher speed and adjust the car before the rear lose its grip.

    But also, its all depend on the track/roads for the adjustment. But no matter how you tweat the suspension, the weight will always be a problem.



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