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    Porsche Cayman Press Release

    I hope this hasn't been posted before...

    New Name in Porsche's Model Range

    Cayman coming between the Carrera and the Boxster

    Stuttgart. In the course of this year Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart, will be enlarging its range of sports cars through the introduction of another outstanding model. Based on the Boxster series, the new car, given its superior product qualities, will rank between the 911 Carrera and the Boxster S. This position of the new model is also borne out by its six-cylinder boxer engine transmitting maximum output of 295 bhp (217 kW) to the rear wheels. Like the power of the engine, the price of this new sports car will also come between that of the 911 Carrera and the Boxster S.

    Apart from inner strengths and qualities typical of Porsche, this sporting two-seater will also show outstanding style and superiority in its looks and appearance. The exceptional design of the car is accentuated by muscular design features conveying a strong feeling of both power and agile driving behaviour. In addition, the new sports car not only fulfils the great demands made by the Porsche customer in terms of sporting performance, but also, through its well-conceived space concept, allows all kinds of leisure time activities.

    Reflecting its superior and, indeed, unique product substance, this new Porsche sports car will bear its own name: It will be called the Cayman S, thus ranking equal with the Carrera, Boxster, and Cayenne model designations already so rich in tradition.

    Introducing this name, Porsche is taking up a concept from the animal world: The cayman belongs to the crocodile family. Within this group of the world's largest reptiles, the cayman is however a relatively small but very nimble athlete. And precisely this creates a clear resemblance not only to Porsche's new sports car, but also to the Company as a whole: The cayman is acknowledged as a highly specialised hunter with strength and agility, quick reflexes and clear target orientation.

    The heart of the Cayman S is its 3.4-litre power unit mounted midship in front of the rear axle. Benefiting from this mid-engine concept and an excellent power-to-weight ratio, the Cayman S is perfectly suited for the kind of performance so typical of Porsche: The Cayman S responds directly to the steering and ensures very dynamic behaviour in bends. It goes without saying that Porsche, maintaining the usual standard, offers supreme brake technology for very high deceleration forces also in this new, fixed roof model. In a nutshell, therefore, the combination of supreme power and performance in the Cayman S provides an unprecedented experience on the road: driving pleasure in its purest form.

    Also check out

    Re: Porsche Cayman Press Release

    I hate to say this but, guys: browse the forums first before posting some "new".
    One of our users posted the Cayman link on Porsche's website, after that we posted the official press info in the NEWS section. Now the funny part: we have several threads following with links and posts regarding the SAME information. C'mon guys, it can't be so difficult to read first.

    BTW: we even have a CAYMAN board now, I guess you missed that too.



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