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    Re: Audi R8 drive impressions Auto Bild & Wind

    andrea said:
    Kreso, very nice the fact the the stock R8 will fill the fenders.

    A question:when will we see the LED lights on the front???
    This picture shows the led lights

    LED lights look sooo much better than the standard ones if you ask me.

    The "Christmas girlande" just doesn't do it for me.

    Re: Audi R8 drive impressions Auto Bild & Wind

    temm said:
    andrea said:
    Kreso, very nice the fact the the stock R8 will fill the fenders.

    A question:when will we see the LED lights on the front???
    This picture shows the led lights

    The world's first all-LED main headlights

    But the all-LED main headlights are the absolute highlight: from the end of 2007, the R8 will be the first vehicle in the world to offer this innovative lighting technology as standard. Not only will it give the headlights a futuristic look; it also brings significant functional benefits: the light colour of the LED headlights of almost 6,000 Kelvin is close to that of daylight, and therefore makes driving at night less tiring. It differs markedly from the 4,100 Kelvin of xenon headlights or the relatively yellowish appearance of halogen headlights, at 3,200 Kelvin. The light quality and illumination of these lights are in no way inferior to Audi's outstanding bi-xenon headlights.

    If the technical description of these lights sounds complex, it is because these engineering masterpieces of lighting technology are highly advanced creations. The task of providing light is tackled in an entirely different way to conventional headlights. A total of 22 ultra-high-performance light-emitting diodes are arranged in seven groups of two or four, performing the various tasks of the low-beam and high-beam headlights.

    For the low-beam headlights, the light from the two groups of four LEDs is distributed by two free-form reflectors as a source of basic lighting. In combination with the projection system of the three groups of two LEDs, the design resembles that of an open pine cone.

    They provide the range and the asymmetry. This is achieved first by concentrating their lumens via a primary optical device, then distributing it via a new type of plastic lens. The high beam is operated by the two internal reflector shells each with a group of four LEDs. In stylistic terms, the light is cast forward as if by turbine blades.

    The daytime running lights, too, serve as a distinguishing feature of the all-LED headlights: while they have the same contours as the standard lights, the LEDs here form a continuous strip, whereas they appear as individual dots in the xenon version. Simply guaranteed to grab the attention of onlookers!

    The energy consumption of the Audi R8 LED headlights totals 60 watts (50 watts for the LEDs, plus 7 watts for the actuating electronics and around 3 watts for the fan). Xenon headlights are even more efficient at 42 watts (35 watts for the xenon lamp and likewise 7 watts for the actuating electronics). Halogen headlights have the highest power consumption, at 68 watts. Compared with standard xenon headlights, the Audi R8 with LED headlights adds 0.008 litres per 100 km to the fuel consumption, a difference that is barely relevant in practice.

    What is relevant is the reduction in consumption for LED daytime running lights compared with vehicles without daytime running lights, for daytime driving. The LED daytime running lights in the standard headlights of the Audi R8 use 14 watts per vehicle (6 watts for the LED light output and 1 watt for the actuating electronics, for each headlight). The lights of vehicles without daytime running lights use the same amount day or night, namely 300 watts for halogen headlights and 248 watts for xenon headlights. In other words, around twenty times more.

    Thanks, I remembered first part insted of last 2007.

    Re: Audi R8 drive impressions Auto Bild & Wind

    Winding Road video:

    Re: Audi R8 drive impressions Auto Bild & Wind

    The engine sound is intoxicating.

    Re: Audi R8 drive impressions Auto Bild & Wind

    Beautiful & kicks ass !



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