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    my small encounter....

    I can't tell you how mad I was today, I hope i can voice my unhappy encounter thur this board and hope to change some of the people driving habits.

    Anyways, I was in my 996turbo driving down a Interstate highway at around 85+mph on the far left lane. When I approach a slower white American SUV, I slowed down and wait for him to move to the right. After couple second, he didn't show any sign of moving. Then I kindly flash my highbeam to ask him to move. Guess what next???? He SLAMMED on the brakes... not just tab to scare you, but SLAMMED HARD!! I barely avoid an accident. Why? and Why do people drive like this?? Its unheard of... I alway try not to pass on the right where It is very unsafe when trucks or slower car try to move to the right and do not expect such high speed vehicle.

    Luckily I wasn't driving only driving 85mph, I can see why American have so many fatal car accidents.

    Re: my small encounter....

    I can sum it up into one word Jealousy

    Re: my small encounter....

    i can't tell why people are like this [probably ron is right, they are jealous and somehow unsatisfied with their lifes -- but this is no reason for criminal actions], but on the german autobahn this kind of things are happening as well. i could tell a lot of stories here but i'd rather forget about them...

    there are so many dangerous weirdos out there... scary

    Relax, William...

    Such things happen over here in Germany too and not very seldom. I guess no country is immune against having stupid people.

    Did it ever happen to you at around 140 mph? It happened to me...horrible experience...lucky me I expected that. I guess one can call that driver experience (after 19 years of driving and 400000 km).

    Hey RC, my old friend, that's funny!

    I only have 14 years of experience (I startet driving off-road at the age of 10) but I have driven almost 800000 km since 1996

    Re: Hey RC, my old friend, that's funny! my job, I don't happen to travel much.

    Off-road driving? Well, I started motocross racing at age 8 and ended it around age 19. Does that count too?

    I know that 400000 km in 19 years aren't much but I didn't much of this on the Autobahn. And as I worked a few years in some weird places (Stephen might know what I'm talking about... ), I think that I was pretty lucky to be still alive.

    BTW: 14 years, 800000 km many accidents(and dead cats )?

    Over here: one(which was my fault). At age 19 I looked at a pretty girl on the other side of the street and forgot that the car in front of me might brake from time to time.
    Result: I kissed his rear...would have preferred to have that contact with the girl I was looking at.

    Re: my small encounter....

    I rarely if ever flash in the USA. It is too risky and doesn't work.

    I've never had that happen in Germany ... or even Europe I think ... but it wouldn't surprise me terribly if it ever did. Generally people in Europe are much better than in the USA.

    The worst I ever experienced in Germany was when I pulled right in my Volvo to let someone by. I had been trying to let them by earlier but they weren't powerful enough to get by. This time they pulled along side and boxed me in. Turned out that they were friends with the person in front but I didn't realise this until too late. Then the two of them tried to force me off the road. But these people really were crazy. Wasn't a lot I could do in my Volvo. Edna was afraid I was going to ram someone.

    But so many stories from my years in the USA! Like the time I ended up playing bumper tag with a cop in an unmarked car. And the time that six different people gave me the finger on my 30 mile ride into work. And the time .... well you get the idea. And remember William, in Texas everyone has a gun in their car.

    Best answer is lots of power. In Europe I just don't stick around long enough to smell what I leave behind.


    Re: my small encounter....

    In reply to:
    Best answer is lots of power. In Europe I just don't stick around long enough to smell what I leave behind.

    Very well said, Stephen.

    Re: Hey RC, my old friend, that's funny!

    I only had one accident with my Alpina, which was not my fault. I hit a VW Golf at 70 km/h. But this was not as expensive as the cat I hit at 220 km/h



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