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    GT2 brochure leaked....

    Oh yes...

    The dealer brochure for the Porsche 997 GT2 has leaked out - and the details are very tasty.

    The headline figures are 530hp produced at 6,500rpm with 505lb ft of torque developed between 2,200 and 4,500. Porsche is quoting a 0-60mph time of 3.6 sec and a 0-100mph sprint in a scant 7.4 sec. Blimey. Top speed is said to be 204mph.

    The rear-drive only GT2 has a six-speed manual gearbox and a claimed a kerb weight of 1,440kg.

    The twin turbo flat six has received a number of modifications over the engine found in the regular 'Turbo', including revised variable vane turbos with larger compressors that generate an additional 2.9 psi of boost; a new 'expansion' air intake manifold and a titanium exhaust silencer. The latter is said to produce a 'warm, deep, bass-rich sound', according to the brochure. Yum.

    The GT2 also has 19" wheels as standard; adjustable suspension; a full suite of switchable PSM aides; Porsche's PCCB carbon brakes and some serious-looking bucket seats. There's even a new launch-control system: dial in 13psi of boost and dump the clutch - the electronics optimise the engine for the rest.

    The GT2 is expected to make an official debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September.

    Get the brochure HERE


    I should say thanks to Pistonheads for the heads up.

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....


    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    All I can say is.... WoW.

    This is a beast that I think most drivers would (should?) be a little scared of.

    Well done Porsche - impressed they got 530bhp out of the little flat 6, I must say.


    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    Official Pics released now since the leak of the brochure...Pounds131k...get saving people.

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    A few PS'd colours cos I was bored...

    Again, white does it for me.

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    nice job!!

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    Many thanks ResB for tweaking the pictures. I tweaked them a bit further. Fixed the side marker, removed the "pistonheads" banner and made the blue look more like Cobalt blue.

    We've got a patrotic theme going on here. hilarious

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    How about black?

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    I forgot about the side to change that....

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    ResB said:
    I forgot about the side to change that....

    Actually, color-coordinated sidemarkers-hey, you just created a trend.

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    Not very good but a black and yellow one...

    All changed.

    Turbo Al said:
    ResB said:
    I forgot about the side to change that....

    Actually, color-coordinated sidemarkers-hey, you just created a trend.

    Never thought of that.

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    I have a feeling that this car will improve upon the 996GT2 in the same way that the 997GT3 did . . .

    All I can say so far is WOW!

    Respect is indeed required.

    Re: GT2 brochure leaked....

    Respect for the pefromance department, yes. That and a new job as a garbage-man for the designer of the rear bumper.



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