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    Re: New GT3

    Actually Enzo has a little tail wing that raises too. And two wings (flaps) in front of the front wheels under the car that at high spped open up at 20 degree for stability.

    Re: New GT3

    Just spoke to my dealer. I'm #3 on their waiting list, $1k deposit at list price.

    Here is a press release for the old gt3. It makes for an interesting comparison.

    A few comments:

    My guess that the clubsport will not be available in the USA, due to interior safety law issues.

    The drag cd of the new car is very low, lower than Turbo and GT2. Top speed is also higher than the Turbo. This is an excellent result.

    The brake improvements are also a significant feature, in my opinon. They appear to be the same as those on the GT3 Cup race car. ABS is probably not the full race version, I suppose.

    Suspension is probably not monoballed, but likely upgradable with Cup car parts if desired.

    No comment about limited slip nor engine type. Probably a political/advertising issue with respect to the base 996.

    Re: New GT3

    I am also 3rd on the list at my dealership. RC do you
    have any idea how many GT3's will be made and how many
    will be sent to the US? The dealership gave me a FAX of the memo sent to US dealerships yesterday, which just states "the length of the production run has not been finalized", but will begin April 2003. It also just states "Unique sport suspension", I hope that is a modification of the old GT3 adjustable suspension.


    Re: New GT3

    In the last dealer council meeting Porsche said there would be 450 units for the US, however, that could change...

    Peter... with the GT2, the production is not limited. However it is very likely that the US gets limited numbers of cars.
    The suspension will be pretty similar to the GT2 suspension, fully adjustable. Don't worry guys, you get the "real" GT3, no special US softened version.

    Re: Peter...

    Unfortunately they didn't say anithing about the weight!

    I like the lower portion of the wing, reminds me of the legendary ducktail RS, not so sure about the "top blade" above it.

    Sounds like the tranny is the same as the GT2's.

    Too bad it seems that a lightweight variant isn't planned!

    Christian: do you think that the Clubsport will still have the single mass flywheel?

    My guess on the possible laptime at the Ring with Roehrl at the wheel is 7:51.

    Re: Peter...

    I wish they would offer a lightweight option, but I also don't think that will happen, especially here in the US. The dealer Fax does describe "reduced sound insulation material" and
    "weight optimized battery" but doesn't offer an actual weight.

    What is everyone's opinion on the "modified ABS system with 6-piston front calipers and increased front disc surface area" ?
    Could this standard setup be better than the optional ceramic composite brakes?

    01 996TT

    Re: Peter...

    In reply to:
    Could this standard setup be better than the optional ceramic composite brakes?

    Do a little searching of the archives here on that topic.

    I think until the package has developed a bit the answer is surely yes.

    One of the biggest problems on the GT3 was the front brakes and especially cooling. Hopefully the changes will remedy this.


    Stephen - they say "patented coolant ducts" for the brakes

    Wonder what's so special about these? Cooling ducts are nothing new for brakes...

    Hope they work well

    this one is tempting... very tempting...

    Especially since it will be priced somewhat lower that we had expected.

    I like everything about this car except that odd-looking wing and the cheap-looking plastic piece on the side. There probably would be someone with a Carrera who would trade their standard deck lid and retractible wing for the GT3 wing though... and that plastic thing on the side would likely be able to be pulled off.

    Thanks for all the information on the car RC.

    //// \\\\ spider

    Peter - Could you post a copy of the fax, please

    Re: Stephen - they say "patented coolant ducts" for the brakes

    Come on Grant, you know how this works ...

    Patents can be either broad or narrow. The broad ones are really valuable -- if you can protect them. The narrow ones much less so as others can then have their own narrow patents. But just about everything can be patented in some way or other.

    Ok, so call me a cynic if you like.

    No doubt, the GT2 air scoops are patented.

    I have the GT2 air scoops on my Turbo. They are an improvement for sure (they'd be an even bigger improvement if I also didn't have the standard Turbo brake dust shield on my Turbo but that's another issue). But they do tend to hang way down below the car. Mine are still in good condition but I understand that lots of GT2 owners rip them off in short order (and the factory then replaces them with the much smaller stock Turbo air scoop).

    I'll be very curious to see if they are the GT2 scoops or something new.


    Re: Stephen - they say "patented coolant ducts" for the brakes

    The large front air scoops on the GT2 didn't come as standard, they were fitted on mine together with the PCCBs.
    On my lowered GT2, they were a real pain in the a.., frequently hitting the road and getting damaged.

    I wonder why the front small openings on the current Cup cars haven't been carried over to the road GT3, they're supposed to improve downforce of the front section.They are also an attractive design feature...

    Re: Stephen - they say "patented coolant ducts" for the brakes

    What are the large font air scoops you guys are talking about?
    Any pics please?
    I thought it was the front spoiler as a whole but it seems like it is something else.

    Limited prod

    Can you confirm for sure that the production is NOT limited?
    My dealer told me to hurry to book a GT3, basically putting a lot of pressure on me when I asked him about it , because he said production was limited like the fist version.
    He also said the GT2 production will be stopped very soon too, to make it a limited production as well.
    Is my dealer full of s...? Trying to hurry me to sign a order form, or do I have time (until the end of the 996 prod supposedly if it not a limited prod)?

    Re: Limited prod

    I've also heard that only 28-35 new GT3 will find their way to Switzerland... Is that just a marketing rumor?...


    Re: Limited prod

    Same here, my dealer told me 25 for France

    Cup cooling ducts

    Don't know the answer. Certainly the PCCB's need as much cooling air as they can get. If the new GT3 does have something like the Cup cooling ducts then this would be a very good thing.


    Air scoops on the GT2 and Turbo

    Sorry Franch, no photos handy.

    On both the Turbo and the GT2 there are side inlets which have water radiators in them for engine cooling. What is less obvious is that Porsche takes that airflow and then directs it into the wheel well where scoops pick it up and direct it at the brakes for cooling.

    There are also the two small holes which have been put in the front lip on the Turbo (and i think the GT2).

    So on the Turbo those scoops are quite small. But for the GT2 the scoops are much larger and actually reach down about half way to the road in order to catch the airflow coming through the side radiator openings and the holes in the front airdam lip and to direct it at the brake rotors.

    And just as LG says, they get ripped off very easily (actually they are right at the front axle and move with the lower suspension arm so there is sort of a technique to protecting them). The GT2 is lower than the Turbo so I guess it is even more of a pain with the GT2.


    Anyone with pics of the Cup cooling ducts?

    Anyone with pics of the Cup cooling ducts? I would love to fit them onto my car.


    I attached the PCNA FAX announcing the introduction of the
    GT3 to the US.

    Cup cooling ducts

    No pic's but I can tell you that there is a pretty standard modification for GT3's that are tracked all of the time to increase the brake cooling. Apparently, this makes more sense than increasing the brake size as there is no additional unsprung weight on airflow increases. An example of how smart isn't always flashy.


    Tyre size

    Ahhh ... the rear tyre size, which matches the size on the Turbo, explains why I've been hearing that the Michelin Pilot Sport and Pirelli Rosso will soon be available in the Turbo size.

    Excellent news for those of us that cannot stand the current offerings for the Turbo (assuming that they don't prohibit their use on the Turbo). :)


    Thanks Peter (NT)

    Thanks, Peter!

    Re: Tyre size

    I think it's great that the front wheel is 8.5" now too. This means that one could fit Hoosiers in the 245 and 305 sizes now...

    Re: Tyre size

    Grant, the 305 has a rather large overall diameter. This may be a problem.

    Should be only 3mm larger than 295 (10mm * 30% aspect ratio)

    Or is the 305 bigger proportionally than the 295 in the Hoosier line - sometimes they fudge the numbers. Anyways, the bigger front size would be nice for better turn-in (less understeer) and braking.

    Re: Should be only 3mm larger than 295 (10mm * 30% aspect ratio)

    Grant, go the the Hossier site and read the specs. The 305 is about 1/2" larger in overall diameter. This will result in a 1-2% loss in acceleration performance. I have been using the Michelin Pilot Sport Cups for both street and track with good results. Not the ultimate Hossier grip on the track, but pretty good, very streetable and no tire switch hassle. A 295 with roughly the same diameter is available, but no 235. Switching to R-compound increase cornering g-loading of course, so some adjustment to the suspension is usually required. I assume this will not be a problem with the GT3.

    Thanks, MDS. I guess 305/25/18s would be the call (but N/A)



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