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    Who can identify this car?

    These pics are from a tv show filmed in 1951. The car is really ahead of its time, considering what the average car looked like then. This was before the corvette had its' debut.

    Any car history experts? extra credit for naming the show.

    Re: Who can identify this car?

    no idea really, a morgan?

    Re: Who can identify this car?

    dragnet chryslee ghia....... could be wrong on both

    Re: Who can identify this car?

    The car is a Nash Healey. No idea about the show, though.

    By the way, the car above is a 1952 model. The 1951 model looks like an Austin Healey 3000 with... a Peugeot 404 front end (not too dissimilar from a 1956 Corvette without the two-tone paint, actually). So I doubt it's a 1951 show.

    Re: Who can identify this car?

    You win Groom. Thanks. I did not know what car it was. That car has an interesting background it turns out. Talk about a world car. It was a nice design. I just found this;

    " The Nash-Healey was sold exclusively in the U.S. Between 1952 and 1954 completed chassis were shipped from Great Britain to Italy, where they were bodied by Farina and shipped directly to the U.S.

    However for it's first year in production it was first built and bodied in 1951 in the U.K. The car was exclusively for the U.S. even then, but there was an Alvis powered version that was built for the U.K. beginning in October of 1951. Between 1951 and 1954 (some say 1952 or 1953, however Cars in the U.K. Vol. 1 by Graham Robson (1996)--which is the best reference on car registrations--says 1954) there were a total of 25 (some say 28, most --incl. Robson--say 25) RHD Healy Sports Converitbles (a.k.a 3-Liters) built, all using the 1951 Nash-Healey body."

    The show was "the adventures of Superman". Season 1 1951/52 A really great show considering TV was brand new. The lois lane actresses dressed hot and the cars were unique. There was a ben afleck/diane lane movie made about it last fall.

    You can watch complete episodes full screen on your computer if you follow the link below. It would be especially interesting for non US rennteamers to watch culture wise. They are the black and white shows below.

    Re: Who can identify this car?

    You're welcome. I cheated, I had to look it up on Wikipedia. The shape definitely rang a bell, but I only remembered that the manufacturer had a four-letter name.

    Funny how decades later, both GM and Chrysler thought it was a good idea to try the "international luxury car" thing (Cadillac Allante, Chrysler TC by Maserati) despite outrageous manufacturing costs.

    Re: Who can identify this car?

    they sold a really nice one of these at rm in montery last year for 75k...i think that was a bargin



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