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    2004 GT3 Pictures and Info

    MORE POWER AND more torque on the same engine size and with unchanged fuel consumption - this, in a nutshell, describes the development formula for the second-generation 911 GT3.

    Consistently reducing moving masses in the six-cylinder power unit and capitalising on the benefits of infinite VarioCam camshaft adjustment, the new 911 GT3 comes with a significant boost in power of 21 bhp: Maximum output is up from 360 bhp at 7200 rpm to 381 bhp at 7400 rpm. Maximum torque has increased from 370 to 385 Newton-metres (272-284 lb-ft) at unchanged engine speed of 5000rpm.

    In the process the six-cylinder power unit has also improved even further in its free-revving running qualities, engine speeds moving up even more dynamically and maximum engine speed increasing accordingly: Now engine control does not take over in the lower four gears until 8200 rpm, as opposed to 7800 rpm in the past. On the road, this improvement of free-revving qualities offers an over-proportional increase in actual performance you can both feel and measure: The 911 GT3 accelerates to 100 km/h from a standstill in just 4.5 seconds, 0.3 seconds faster than before. And now, also benefiting from even better streamlining, the new model continues to surge ahead all the way to a maximum speed to 306 km/h or 190mph.

    . Porsche 911 GT3
    . 2- or 1-seater coupe
    . Rear-engine, rear-wheel drive
    . 6-cyl. flat engine
    . 381 bhp
    . 385 Nm
    . 4.5 sec.
    . 306 km/t / 190 mph

    THE SUPREME QUALITIES of the 911 GT3 in terms of acceleration, flexibility and top speed are matched just as convincingly by the car's stopping power and deceleration to master the even greater power of the engine and the car's dynamic performance enhanced to a new level by the optimised chassis and suspension.

    The front brake discs have been increased in diameter by 20 millimetres to the new dimension of 350 millimetres or 13.8". And compared with the previous model featuring four-piston fixed callipers, the new 911 GT3 comes with far more powerful six-piston brake callipers finished by tradition in red. These callipers enlarge the contact area between the brake pads and the brake discs by approximately 40 per cent, ensuring outstanding deceleration and stopping power even under the toughest conditions.

    As an option the new 911 GT3 may be equipped with Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB). Cross-drilled and inner-vented, these ceramic composite brake discs measuring 350 millimetres in diameter are 50 per cent lighter than metal brake discs and reduce unsprung masses by approximately 18 kg. In conjunction with the brake lining also developed specifically for this model, the ceramic brake discs immediately ensure a very high and, in particular, consistent frictional coefficient throughout the entire braking process.

    IMPROVING THE AERODYNAMIC qualities of the 911 GT3 in virtually every respect, Porsche's engineers and aerodynamicists have focused on each and every millimetre of the car's outer skin in the interest of maximum performance. Particularly striking points are the newly designed front end with its enhanced swept-back nose and the new side-sills as well as the truly dominating rear spoiler.

    These are the main reasons for the ongoing reduction of lift forces on both the front and the rear axle, without any change in the drag coefficient of 0.30. Featuring a 40-millimetre-wide spoiler "lip" extending round the entire front end, the new front bumper cover significantly reduces the flow of air beneath the car. The optimum position of the cooling air intakes, in turn, feeds a large share of the air coming out of the radiators at the side directly to the brake system, and not beneath the car, thus helping to significantly reduce front axle lift.

    Re: 2004 GT3 Pictures and Info

    Great new photos, Ron!.... but they prompt one question:

    Is the Passenger seat now also an optional extra on the Euro model? I suppose that's one way to knock a few pounds off the "official" weight.

    -Geoff H.
    '01 996-Turbo
    '04 996-GT3 Waiter

    Re: 2004 GT3 Pictures and Info

    I have a feeling that it is optional in Euro models.

    Re: 2004 GT3 Pictures and Info

    Great Stuff, Ron....what is the source of this info and pix?

    Re: 2004 GT3 Pictures and Info

    Now that is the sexiest and horniest 996 (much less 911) I have ever seen! Kudos to Porsche for creating such a car! Bring on the sports cars, Porsche! I can not wait for the new 997. I hope it comes close to looking like that in just C2 form! WOW!

    Re: 2004 GT3 Pictures and Info

    Sorry forgot to mention .

    Extracted from Sports Car Testing

    I have a different reaction

    It is interesting that Porsche made the GT3 announcement on about the same day as Ferrari making the Challenge Stradale announcement.

    One car company attempts to stretch what is basically an over-the-hill design and puts out b.s. sorts of generalities. That company pushes its leather covered cup holders for $700.

    The other talks about serious weight reduction through the use of titanium in springs and even the lug nuts. This second company starts with a car which has a rear-mid engine and doesn't need wings or spoilers to keep from becoming a flying bath tub.

    Don't mean to piss anyone off but I'm frankly still waiting for Porsche to do something to impress me. Certainly that other car company is.

    Hummm ... wonder if the Cayenne is about getting out of the sports car business? Maybe they could sell it to Ford. Then Ford could build a retro-356. We could put a little flower in the $700 cup holder.


    Re: I have a different reaction

    Well, Stephen, at least the GT3 is a step in the right direction. I like the quick alignment/camber changeability at the track and the ceramic insulated brake fluid. I would like the Stradale more (except there is no manual transmission), but look at the difference in price. I can almost pay for the GT3 And, I don't have to wait 5yrs in line to give my money to the local Ferrari dealer. Also, there is no timing belt to service for $10k like on the F-car...

    Agreed Grant

    All of the points you make are valid Grant.

    No question that the Porsche is the more usable car. You will get more track time with the GT3 and at a much cheaper cost. The Ferrari will require a lot more effort and cost. For those that actually want to drive their cars and haven't got a desire for the last tenth of a second no matter what the cost, the GT3 is the much better choice.

    I guess my point was "look at the trend here". Previously this level of Ferrari was considered a joke in comparison to the Porsche (we never saw Magnum P.I. on a race track). Today it will beat the Porsche on the track. The way things are going, who knows what tomorrow will bring?


    Re: Agreed Grant

    You're right about that too Stephen, except your reference to "this level of Ferrari" used to be a joke. By that, do you mean the 8-cylinder entry-level car? If so, remember that the 308GTB was around $35k when it was new and the Stradale will be around $185k, so it's tough to compare those. But, in the 70s a 911 Carrera (contemporary to the 308) was around $18k, so I guess times have changed

    Re: Agreed Grant

    Yes times have changed Grant. But the price differences are relative and still valid. Yes, I do think that the 308, 328, etc. were a joke. We didn't consider them because they weren't real driver's cars. They were knowns as cars for guys with small ....

    But that is hardly true of the 360. It is a real car and a valid comparison to the Porsche.

    That's the trend.




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