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    I finally decided.. and a small driving report

    I finally come to a decision to pick up a C32, unfortunely the car they have in stock don't have the bi-xenon option, I wonder where I could find the part for it?

    First impression, I was very impress with the whole package of the C32, it looks very subtle and mature. It doesn't look anything like a fast car. The built quality was a disappointment though especially the fit and finish compare to the older C43. I personally like the older AMG wheels better than this one.

    The steering and road feel is much improved from the older recirulating ball, stiffer and better feedback. The stiffiness of the suspension is perfect, it is much softer than M3 and handle suprisingly nimble. The character of the car is still understeer (less understeer than the M3) but once throttle wide open, understeer can easily be overcomed. Even in 3rd gear, I am able to break the rear end lose.

    This car have such powerful torque, a tab on the throttle you will see a big orange trangle flashing. The ESP is too intrusive for that kind of power. Every corner, acceleration, the light start flashing cuting off power. The Porsche PSM work much better on this car

    Overall I think this car is not for everyone, but if you are thinking about settle down This car is for you! It look so refine and beautiful line and shape. The perfect combination between power and comfort. I can't wait till I pass 1000 miles mark Don't you just hate the break in period

    Re: Engine upgrade for C32

    I wonder where I could get the ECU to delimit the topspeed, and I heard somewhere that AMG offer engine upgrade for the C32?

    Re: Engine upgrade for C32

    First of all Congratulations, nice car

    For any kind of upgrade I guess you can check into these companies:


    and the following place has a large line of products for Porsche and Mercedes-Benz
    Performance Products

    Just make sure you keep us posted as to what you do to your car

    Re: I finally decided.. and a small driving report

    Great choice. Very stealth!!

    All you need now are bigger wheels to fill the arches out.
    Anyway nice addition to your stable.


    Re: Engine upgrade for C32

    Congrats, William. I like the supercharged V6 engine very much, my wife's SLK 32 AMG provides great fun.

    No, AMG doesn't offer any engine upgrade for the supercharged V6, not even as a special order as far as I heard. The only thing available from AMG is raising the speed limiter. I also heard that AMG doesn't recommend aftermarket tuning on the supercharged V6 due to engine durability problems. There are however a few kits available from aftermarket Tuners but to my knowledge, the "serious" Mercedes Tuners like Brabus and Carlsson do not offer engine tuning kits for the supercharged V6.

    Re: I finally decided.. and a small driving report

    Nice garage William!...

    Re: remove limiter

    I was wondering how I can remove the limiter? The C32 went up to >250km/h in a blink of the eye and then cut off

    by the way, I loved the SLK32, a little roadster with this monster engine



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