Stuttgart. Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Stuttgart is expanding its innovative automobile production at the main factory in Zuffenhausen with one of the most modern and environmentally-friendly paint shops in the world. The carcass work that began only a few weeks ago and the steel construction are set to be completed early 2010. This will be followed by the construction of the facade and technically complex facility structure.

The new facility that will be commissioned in 2011 is being built directly adjacent plant 1 and 5 on a property that previously belonged to Dürr AG, which Porsche acquired in early 2008. The paint shop will be run on two-shift-operation with a daily capacity of up to 170 vehicles from the 911 and Boxster series. The latest technologies, particularly in the area of environmental protection, are being used for the new construction. The painting process features complete dust protection as it is 100 percent encapsulated. This method not only enhances the already high quality of the vehicle paint coat, but also reduces the required amount of conditioned hall air required.

A novel electrostatic precipitator for paint dust cuts the emission of solvents and particles to a minimum. The painting process is able to do without the mandatory 60 meter-high exhaust smokestack. This is attributed to the increased amount of circulated air and the exceptionally effective exhaust air purifier that only requires a small smokestack, which extends 10 meters over the roof. Another environmentally-friendly innovation represents a highly efficient energy management system.

“With the new paint shop, Porsche is ensuring that it will deliver surpassing quality in Zuffenhausen today and tomorrow – while also conserving resources in an exceptionally ecological and economical manner”, explains Wolfgang Leimgruber, head of Porsche AG Production and Logistics.

Porsche is relying on specialists from the region for the technical undertaking: The Stuttgart Maschinen- und Anlagenbaukonzern Dürr AG, as the general contractor, is equipping the painting lines with the latest application technology, driers for hardening the paint as well as control and conveyor technology. “Porsche will have one of the most modern paint shops in the world that taps new potentials in quality and productivity, thereby setting new standards”, explains Ralf Dieter, Chairman of the Executive Board at Dürr AG.

The pretreatment system and cathodic paint dipping system with novel conveyor technology and the electrostatic separator for paint particles will be supplied by the Böblingen system provider, Eisenmann, a sub-supplier of Dürr AG. In connection with a comprehensive wastewater treatment facility, the environmentally-friendly technology enables level that are many times less than legal limits. “Porsche is the first automobile manufacturer in the world to use this technology”, explains Dr. Matthias von Krauland, spokesperson for the Executive Board of Eisenmann AG.




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