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    997GT3 - Sport Button NOT STANDARD on U.S. Cars!

    Just got a call from my dealer... they received their allocation today:
    one GT3... MINE. November build but he checked with PCNA and was
    told the only way to get the Sport Button is to order Sport Chrono. Even
    on the GT3. Contradicts everything I have read. Can anyone confirm
    this? Thanks.


    The sport button is standard.

    PCNA f***ed the order guide up big time. It's unfortunate, because now you have customers being told they have to order the $3,070 PCM option AND $690 Sports Chrono package just so they can get the sport button.

    Re: re

    Exactly! But how can we confirm that. I really don't want this car without the Sport button but I also don't want the idiotic dash clock!

    Re: re

    it was in the "winding road" online magazine review of the 997gt3 as standard equipment.
    i cancelled sport chrono based on that!
    gonna be pissed if it's not the case!


    Re: re

    I agree. I just got the official order guide and it appears like to get "sport button" you must order the rest of the scrum--clock/pcm. Any news on the real answer because my allocation is for Oct delivery and so I need to order very soon.

    Re: re

    Customer Commitment at PCNA is as ignorant as the dealership on this issue. No clue. I have sent an email to Peter Schwarzenbauer and will post his response here... if I get one.

    Re: re

    Finally, a definitive answer from the top! Here is the response from PCNA:

    Dear sir,

    I am the manager of our Product Planning group at Porsche Cars North America, Peter asked that I respond to you directly with an answer to your question.

    The GT3 comes standard with a SPORT button that, when pressed, increases the torque by 18 lb-ft between approximately 3,000 and 4,200 rpm. In addition, the traction control system is set to a more dynamic "sporty" mode.

    The Chrono Package adds a lap timer and the stopwatch on the dashboard. If you also order PCM than you can order the Chrono Package Plus which adds lap time storage, performance display to indicate if current lap is faster or slower than a reference lap, remaining laps until empty, and personal memory function (lights, wipers, door locks, A/C settings).

    The Chrono Packages are not necessary to get the SPORT button. The order guides will be corrected.

    I hope that addresses your question, please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

    Best regards,

    David Pryor

    Manager, Product Planning & Market Research
    Porsche Cars North America

    Re: 997GT3 - Sport Button NOT STANDARD on U.S. Cars!


    UK site and USA Brochure say:

    When 'Sport' mode is selected, as much as 25 Nm of additional torque is available in the medium rev range, i.e., below the point of maximum torque.

    The standard trigger threshold is purposely so high that it is rarely exceeded during normal road driving in the dry. It is possible to raise the threshold higher still by pressing the 'Sport' button on the centre console.

    No mention that Sport Chrono is required for the Sport Button

    Clarification would be nice!

    Re: 997GT3 - Sport Button NOT STANDARD on U.S. Cars!

    This IS clarification: (quote)

    "The Chrono Packages are not necessary to get the SPORT button. The order guides will be corrected."



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