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    Uneven soot problems re-frickin-visited!

    This was posted at PCA website. (Join PCA and read it).

    I was told my unevenly-sooted engine eahausts are just fine. Another PCA commentary said the uneven soot problem was not a problem at all. Now this:

    I am new to PCA, and I would like to comment on the question asked
    by the gentleman with unusual soot from the exhaust. I had a similar
    problem, my friend noticed that one of the tail pipes was covered
    with soot while the other was clean as a whistle. I called my local
    Porshe dealer and spoke with one of the guys, they said to make and
    appointment to check to see how muck oil was really being consumed,
    well to make a long story short, I ended up take the car in before
    the appointment, spoke with the shop manager and the car was taken
    in the following day fof compression measurements, turns out the
    problem was an engine that the cylinders were not completely round.
    Porsche corp. replaced the entire engine, which was covered under
    the warranty. The only problem I see now is that the serial numbers
    for the chassis and the engine don't match, and I don't know what
    will happen if I decide to sell it forward in the future. At this
    time the car rune better than before, I'm very pleased with what
    Porshe did with this problem.

    Thanks for the report, I have found that Porsche usually does the
    right thing, most of the time.
    Peter Smith - PCA WebSite - 2/5/2006

    Re: Uneven soot problems re-frickin-visited!


    As you know this has been my issue as you recall I had a leakdown test done and the results were OK...

    I think the PCA memo speaks to the fact that there are many ways to cause uneven exhaust of which would be eneven piston to wall clearance with inadequate ring sealage causing oil to be burned in the combustion chambers and showing a sooty exhaust from that bank of cylinders.

    I still do not think that is our issue....normal compression and leakdown test, no fault codes, all cases I know of are on the driver's side exhaust tips, cars don't burn excessive oil ( I use a qt. every 2800-3200m), seems to only occur in open loop not closed loop, etc.

    If you are concerned about out of round pistons or cylinder walls a leakdown test should be very reassuring and put this cause of "uneven soot" to rest.

    Good luck, Gray

    Re: Uneven soot problems re-frickin-visited!

    Yes, good points all, thanks buddy.

    Guys with this uneven soot problem should be reminded that it's not in all cases a benign quirk.



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