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    3 more days till F1 season

    March 7, Grand Prix of Australia

    Can't wait

    Setting up my alarm clock already

    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    Isn't Schumi done after ths season or have I been in hybernation for a bit too long?

    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    I thought he renewed his contract for another 2 or 3 years, if I'm not mistaking.

    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    Ron - No need to set your alarm clock - the race will be Sat. evening in your time zone (8PM, I think).

    Should be a very exciting season!

    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    Schumi has a contract with Ferrari through the 2006-season. So he has two more years to go after this season.

    Although rumours about him hanging up his helmet after this season keep showing up every now and then. But I think that's just wishful thinking from his competitors

    Forza Ferrari!


    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    Barrichello has contract till 2006 also, hopefully then Alonso, the youngest driver to get a pole, a podium, and a win in Formula1 history, will finally get to sit in the Ferrari, but hopefully it wont take that long for him to be the youngest driver to win the title too

    And whats up with the engines on those Bar-Honda, what do they feed that thing! and the Renault is looking better than last year. Hopefully this year the cars will be more even with each other in performance and reliability

    Re: 3 more days till F1 season


    I hate to rain on your parade but IMO, Alonso will never be a Champion. I certainly don't understand why most so called experts think so highly of him and his driving skills.

    One reason I'm saying this is that I just can't forget the pictures of his absolutely reckless driving at last year's Brazilian GP. The way he darted through the debris of what I think was Webber's Jaguar, without noticeably lifting his foot off the accelerator pedal at all, was simply stupid and VERY dangerous.

    IMO, this was a maneuver that should have been punished severely by the marshals.

    Sorry, just my opinion.


    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    I thought Porsche guys only followed Le Mans! Yea I can't get to excited about F1 as we all know who's going to win again this year. But I did put a McLaren sticker on my E55!

    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    Gregor, you don't need to apologize for an opinion, at least not with me, I respect yours is just as much as mine

    There is a reason why the "experts" think so highly of him, he shows already at his young age the potential of a multi-title F1 champion. I have hopes for Kimi too.

    The Brazilian GP incident has nothing to do with good or bad driving skills, it has to do with some very big "cojones" ala Senna style

    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    Carlos, I agree with what you're saying and I realize that it's an extremely thin line between having "cojones" and being unnecessarily dangerous. I just thought he was the latter in that incident.

    In any case, my alarm clock is definitely set for EARLY Sunday morning and I'll probably even catch some of the qualifying action. I think I like the new rules but let's see how they actually work out in reality.

    Great day to all!


    F1 Australia - Schedule

    Time Based on Central Standard Time (CST)
    Speed TV Schedule (former speedvision)

    Thursday March 04, 2004
    10:00 pm FORMULA ONE PRACTICE Australian Grand Prix

    Friday March 05, 2004
    8:00 am FORMULA ONE PRACTICE Australian Grand Prix
    11:00 pm FORMULA ONE QUALIFYING Australian Grand Prix

    Saturday March 06, 2004
    8:00 am FORMULA ONE QUALIFYING Australian Grand Prix
    8:30 pm FORMULA ONE Australian Grand Prix (Live)

    Saunday March 07, 2004
    8:00 pm FORMULA ONE REPLAY Australian Grand Prix
    12:00 am FORMULA ONE REPLAY Australian Grand Prix

    Re: 3 more days till F1 season


    I like the new rules too, hopefully it will involve the driver factor more in the results, and the start should be more interesting

    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    Yes, that's what I'm hoping for as well Carlos.

    Particularly the abandoned launch control should make for more interesting starts, where a drivers reaction time, in combination with his skill comes to be a little more important then in the most recent past.

    What do you make of the first practice session last night? Even though I have not seen it on TV, I'm just floored by the Ferrari dominance. More then 1 second ahead of the rest. This is unbelievable! Would have expected Williams-BMW at least to be MUCH closer, if not on top.

    I know, the season hasn't even started yet but somehow I think that, come October 24, Schumi is going to be on top again.

    Good weekend to all!


    Re: 3 more days till F1 season

    Yes, I was a bit dissappointed since 1sec is a lot and Schummi has won there the last 4 GP's I believe already so its pretty much clear...

    The interesting thing is how close the rest of them were with each other (BAR, Renault and Williams) so maybe we will get a good fight for the second place especialy Renault that was ahead of the rest surprisingly.



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