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    GT3 - Limited Production?

    It seems that the new GT3 production numbers will be limited to around 2000 cars. The last GT3 will be probably produced around june/july 2004. This is a rumor but a pretty trustable one. Good for those who already got an order confirmation, bad for late decision makers.

    BTW: the june/july 2004 end of production cycle could indicate the introduction of the 997. So beware: the 997 is rumored to have substantially more power than the 996. I heard already rumors of 360 HP minimum on the base model.

    Re: GT3 - Limited Production?

    Good to hear from you. I believe in what you say because about %99.9 of the rumors you mention become reality

    Wow, 360hp based model. Then what I heard while ago that the 997 "S" models will get around 400hp or 410hp wouldn't be that far off?

    Re: GT3 - Limited Production?

    Hopeful news. This number looks consistent with prior sport production:

    1st GT3: 1858 cars
    964 RS 3.6: 2391
    911 RS 2.7: 1590

    GBR allocation is said to be about 20% less for the 2nd GT3. If we assume this applies to all of ROW then 20% of 2000 cars is 400 for North America. As a lower bound this is roughly consistent with rumors. So expect 2 allocations per dealer (almost 200 dealers) spread out over the next 12 months.

    Another line of reasoning: Porsche sold 54,234 cars last year, 21,381 of which in NA, or 40%. So maybe 800 GT3 for NA or 4 per dealer.

    Larger volume dealers will probably get more cars than smaller dealers. So ask for your dealer for their prior year sales and factor that in to estimate where you stand.

    Re: GT3 - Limited Production?

    I read from Autocar's Robinson that the GT3 will not be a limited prod, but that the prod will stop when the 996 stops
    Up to you to interprete that, ba the Porsche representative said that would be around summer 2004.
    No more secrets about the 997 launching date then
    PS: This corresponds to what you wrote Christian.

    Porsche cutting production

    Also bear in mind that Porsche has not been doing well at all in the last three months, 911 and 986 production have been reduced and the Cayenne does NOT meet expectations! So far, only one year of allocations...
    So it would not be wise to start producing loads of cars like the GT3.
    Hopefully, the situation will improve soon,

    Re: Porsche cutting production

    I believe Porsche may be looking at what's happened with the GT2 and learning some lessons from Ferrari. When the GT2 was first announced, demand outstripped supply and dealers were marking them way up over sticker and speculators were trying to flip them for $50-80K more than they paid.

    Eventually everyone that could afford one, got one but Porsche kept producing them (probably because dealers kept ordering them, figuring they could make a killing). Now GT2's are sitting around on various dealers lots and the prices have come down to sticker or less.

    Ferrari does a much better job at this. Their philosophy is to always make a few cars less than the demand. While they may give up some short term profit, it maintains the value of their cars and helps them always sell at sticker or above.

    I think PAG may be adopting this approach with the GT3. Instead of deciding in advance how many to build, they will allocate them out a few hundred at a time. When those are all sold, they will release a few hundred more, being careful to match production with demand and not end up with unsold cars sitting on dealer lots and being sold at discount.

    No special insight, just a guess.


    Re: Porsche cutting production

    I was told that the dealer council set the US gt3 production to 400 cars. That being said, since Porsche sales (an profits) have fallen flat, I bet they will make them as long as they can sell them...

    Just my .02 worth.




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