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    Re: It is official. Porsche now produces more SUV's than

    nberry said:
    Adias, I ignore you because I still of the opinion your some teen age Porsche fanatic whose father may own an old Porsche and you someday covet a new one. Your are nothing more than a nat to me and not worth responding to.

    Again you define yourself... the insult you throw at me fits you nicely. You are the one who does not own a 911 (your Cayenne notwithstanding) - I do.

    Re your purported truisms... your 2-bit PAG quarterly report conclusion is highly flawed on an annualized basis, as others pointed out.

    Following up on RC's statement... since you do not own a 911, do not post your stupid adolescent posts here and no one will go after you in your own car forum, sic!

    Re: You want to stir up a hornet's nest, just fling a barb o

    pierre said:
    geeez... What's wrong with Nick's initial post on this thread?
    You guys jump at him whatever he says.

    I agree. Nick usually brings up something that should be discussed, he is like the devils advocate. Sure in almost every post he tries to twist the knive a little but i find that humorful, not offensive. However the one just above here was a little nasty.
    There is no reason to get defensive at his postings. Porsche is a great comapny with great products, but they do need to change a few things. And without intending to do so nick often exposes ferraris weaknesses.


    Re: You want to stir up a hornet's nest, just fling a barb o

    Everyone should calm down [voices in background heard, "don't tell me to calm down you little geek"). If Porsche turns into an "SUV company," which I continue to believe is just a fad (umm, an extremely profitable fad for the automakers and oil firms), that's fine with me so long as Porsche continues to make at least one or two of the top ten production sportscars in the world and use that money for something good--998 & 988 R&D.

    Mazada Corporation is not a sportscar company, but they produced the 1993 twin-sequential turbo RX-7; it was an incredible vehicle with perfect center of gravity and quiet yet powerful engine performance. Three-years on the Autobahn and over 100k miles later this vehicle proved to me that it was the best car I ever drove in my life...perfect downforce to suck the road...massively quiet at speeds over 160+ mph...extremely reliable after heavy Autobahn use. Three Porsche employees on GustavMahlerstr in Botnang (my old address at no. 35...quite a new model Porsche and Mercedes car show there, too, when they get to test drive the vehicles in the "everyday mode") offered to buy it from me, on of them stating it was better than a 996 design. Beauty nevertheless remains in the eye of the beholder (he who owns the keys). It's better to put the arrogance aside and go with the vehicle that suits your driving talents and desires regardless of who makes it. If Hyundai makes a vehicle that exceeds Porsche's ability at a good price, I'll buy it [voices scream..."burn the witch!"]As far as poking people in the eye is concerned, who cares as long as no personal attacks are made. Have some fun. Let controversy happen. Dissention is the essence of democracy. [chorus of Glory, Glory, the background...soap box visible through the morning dew...petite lady weeping while holding her baby...I crack myself up...hahaha]

    God bless America (umm, and the rest of the World)
    6 Dec build 997S

    PS Could we have a moment of silence for my RX-7 please?

    Re: You want to stir up a hornet's nest, just fling a barb o

    nberry take a look at this:

    Re: You want to stir up a hornet's nest, just fling a barb o

    Nah, those links couldn't possibly interest Nick. He's not interested in real facts or statistics.

    They tell a story which is diamtrically opposed to the one Nick likes to relate here on rennteam. Especially that report on the statistics relating to the 911's market-beating residuals.

    Re: You want to stir up a hornet's nest, just fling a barb o


    you're kidding. I had relatives on the exact same street.

    Re: You want to stir up a hornet's nest, just fling a barb o

    Awesome street to be on Tom! End of the road, next to the forest and trails, walking distance to U-Bahn and supermarket in the center of the village, multiple churchs ringing the bells on Sunday morning, good-friendly neighbors....Why in the heck did I move back to the DC metro area??? What was I thinking?



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