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    Couple of days in Germany

    Back from a two days biz trip in Hanover. Nice place. Great weather. Bier Garten fantastic, had a glass of beer I could hardly lift, impressive drinking power those Germans, and I thought the Brits were impressive with their pints
    Beautiful region too, loads of green. Had an afternnon visit at the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, not very sheerful as you can imagine, but the german people have turned it into a museum which is definitly worth a visit if you're in the area.
    Now the driving!
    RC, how do you read german plates? Is the first letter the town where the car is registered? Like H for Hanover? Our car had HH, what is it? Hamburg?
    The company got us a VW Passat Tdi Hardly fun, goof build quality though I must admit.
    But what a great feeling to be driving at 200kmh in total legality!!! Fantastic Autobahns!
    The roads in general are in excellent conditions I must say. And still, at 200kmh, we were being overtaken by big exec cars and the best thing is, is doesn't feel unsafe!
    I'll be back for proper holidays with the 996, that's for sure

    Re: Couple of days in Germany


    yes HH is for hamburg ("hansestadt hamburg"). it's on my license plate as well

    have a nice weekend

    Re: Couple of days in Germany

    A great week end I shall have indeed !!!
    I'll post pics when I'll be back,
    Just to give you a hint,
    I'm on the London-Nice plane tonight
    Thanks for the info,
    Have a nice week end too,

    Re: Couple of days in Germany

    ah... this REALLY sounds like a nice weekend! say hi to albert and michael!

    next time when you are around (hamburg is quite near to hannover) drop me a line!

    BTW: IMO the brits are still #1 in drinking!

    Re: Couple of days in Germany

    Germany is lovely isn't it... last weekend a bunch of us visited the wonderful Eiffel portion.. and indulged in some Nurburgring laps.

    (Not the first time for us though...)

    Fantastic place. Great driving roads too.

    As a Brit living abroad (in NL), I really enjoy making the most of having no water to cross to get to nice places. Mad cap weekend driving journeys are all for the taking across Europe.

    Sometimes, the challenge is getting the time to enjoy it tho.

    Re: Couple of days in Germany

    Germany is great...if you don't have to live here.



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