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    lg--i quite agree-- the audi and volvo have suv like wagons

    that i feel are safe. i hope the cayenne is also similiar in this regard. it's hard to tell just from the pictures.

    the tendency to tip over hard to measure easily but the insurance institute data clearly show much higher rollover rates for all tall suv's.

    i think it is silly that so many people who never go off road buy tall trucks that are inherently dangerous because of high center of gravity. i agree the ml is in this category despite the statements to the contrary of our fearless leader.

    Guys...maybe I should...

    ...move this thread to the Porsche Cayenne forum?

    To zzboba: I understand very well what you mean. Yes, the SUV has become a lifestyle car among the rich and beautiful (well, excluding me ) in Germany. 10 years ago nobody drove in a SUV (or off-roader) to the theatre or to a concert. Now, it is even almost mandatory to own a SUV besides a nice sports car and maybe the wife's Cab.
    But...honestly...we had only three reasons why we've chosen the ML over a stationwagon:
    1. interior and cargo room
    2. living in Bavaria and travelling to the mountains very often
    3. my wife hates stationwagons
    The reason why I went for a ML55 was the fact that I didn't want to get asleep in a ML320.

    You have to have a family and a kid to be able to appreciate a SUV and you have to own a ML55/X5 4.6is to be able to appreciate the high performance of these SUVs. They are indeed fun but they also never can replace a real sports car.

    My dream car combo for the future? Well:
    Porsche Cayenne Turbo (SUV)
    Lamborghini Murcielago (sports car)
    Mercedes SL55 AMG (Cab)
    Porsche GT3 (track)

    Re: Naive?...

    Thought you would like that word.

    Nothing you say is wrong but it doesn't change what I said either. All things being equal, the SUV is more dangerous than the sedan. If you don't accept that then you're just fooling yourself.

    Why don't we pull up the accident rates in Germany for the X5 vs. the 500 series sedan? I think that will settle it.


    p.s. I think we should move this thread to the "station wagon" section.


    SUV accidents are pretty seldom over here, believe it or not.
    Most people who own one usually don't own a ML55 or X5 4.6is and therefore drive slowly.

    Whenever you're in Bavaria, I'm happy to show you what you can do with a won't believe it.

    And yes, I think the ADMIN should take some action because this thread is not only completely off-topic started to be too long.

    Re: Stephen...

    Christian, I've never driven with you but I just know that anytime you say "let me show you something" it is going to be interesting.

    But tell me RC, in the driving sense (and not the utility sense) what can you do in your boat that you cannot do in your 996 Turbo? Humm ... can't think of anything? Now, what can you do in your Turbo that you cannot do in your boat? I bet that list is a lot longer.

    No matter how safe an SUV will be, the comparable sedan will be safer.

    Maybe we should move this thread over to the Sailing forum??


    OK guys, you had your fun

    Thread has been closed because it got off-topic too much.



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