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    Need help about 996 turbo tiptronic

    Mine is a '02 996 turbo tiptronic. Last week I was driving it on a highway at 80kph. I intended to overtake another car so that I kick down. Surpriseingly, I couldn't feel any acceleration so I looked at the dashboard and found that no gear was engaged (all the gear light was off, only D is on). The rev went up to 7,000rpm, then I released the gas padel for around 1/2 sec and push it again. Still no gear was engaged (no warning light was on). This time I know I am in trouble.

    I pull over and release the gas padel. When the rev fell down to around 3,000rpm. I found the 2nd gear was engaged smoothly and seems everything back to normal.

    A couple days later, I stopped at the traffic light, when it turn green, I push the gas padel gentlely and the whole car suddenly shut down, all the warning lights on. I need to turn the ignition to restart the car.

    After these incidence, I drove my turbo back to Porsche service centre to check. They spend 3 days to check it up, but finally they said they couldn't find any fault and everythings seems normal.

    I really feel unsatisfy with this insepction result. I believe the problem is still there, but they just can't find it out!

    Did anyone has a similar problem like I had? What is the really problem of my turbo?

    I feel really sad about Porsche quiality and service...

    Re: Need help about 996 turbo tiptronic

    In reply to:
    A couple days later, I stopped at the traffic light, when it turn green, I push the gas padel gentlely and the whole car suddenly shut down, all the warning lights on. I need to turn the ignition to restart the car.

    The very same thing happened to me back in September! (I have one of the early 996 Turbo.) I had to bring the car to the shop for a service anyway, and the problem got fixed. When I mentionned it, the mechanics seemed to know about it already and to have the solution. Since several other things had to be made to my car too (rollbar and stuff ), I unfortunately forgot to ask them what the fix was. Anyway, it was a minor thing to repair, and they did it under warranty although my car wasn't covered anymore. They did it so for the fuel gauge and the rear-wing too, so I'm very satisfied with the service I get from Porsche.

    Ask your service center again, and if they can't come up with a suggestion, I'll ask mine for more info about what it was on my car.


    Re: Need help about 996 turbo tiptronic

    If your dealer doesn't know what to do, contact PCNA. If this doesn't help either, send me a mail. I can try to find out if somebody knows what your problem might be but it is always better the dealer is aware of it because he has to do the repairs in the end, right?!

    I truely think that calling PCNA might do the job.

    BTW: don't call them if your car isn't stock.

    Re: Need help about 996 turbo tiptronic

    Thanks, RC. Unfortunately, I am in HK. I think I will write a complaint letter to Porsche about the unfixed problem. If Porsche Centre can't do any good on after sales service. There is no point to buy a Porsche from authorize dealer. Grey import would be a much better choice.
    Anyway, I am going to pick up my turbo today and hope the problem won't happen again.
    BTW, if you know anything about my turbo's problem, please let me know, thanks.

    Re: Need help about 996 turbo tiptronic

    It'll be great if you can let me know what had done to your turbo to fix up the problem.

    Re: Need help about 996 turbo tiptronic

    Hi Chris,

    I just had my mechanics on the phone. The guy who always works on my car told me they didn't do anything special. However, he strongly suggested to check/replace the sparking plugs. Obviously, this fixed the problem for me. Didn't your shop check them?...
    Hope this helps.


    Re: Need help about 996 turbo tiptronic

    HK? Sorry, I thought you're from the US. Anyway: if your dealer doesn't find the problem and it happens again, mail me.

    Re: Need help about 996 turbo tiptronic

    Thanks Pierre! I had a ride yesterday and seems everything OK. I hope it's going to be fine.



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