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    Cayenne too Big and Heavy?

    Many people think Porsche made the Cayenne too large and heavy. I guess that depends on what you are comparing it to. At Thanksgiving, my brother-in-law's rig clearly overshadowed my Cayenne.

    Re: Cayenne too Big and Heavy?

    Too heavy? Definetely yes. Too big, definetely no (luggage room is smaller than on my ML55 ).
    We always enjoyed our Lincoln Navigator rent car during our US vacations (next year a Lincoln Navigator is waiting again for us... ) and I don't think I'd drive a Cayenne if I'd live in the US, honestly. With a wife and two kids, a big SUV is a must.

    Re: Cayenne too Big and Heavy?

    Lincoln Navigator eh, cool ride.

    Re: Cayenne too Big and Heavy?

    Lincoln Navigator eh, cool ride.

    Here's a picture of our "first" rental Lincoln Navigator back in 2002 when our little girl had 16 months.

    Re: Cayenne too Big and Heavy?

    Here in the US the Cayenne is eligible for a income tax deduction to business owners and professionals that essentially refunds almost the entire purchase price. If it was lighter it would NOT be eligible.

    It would have been nice if Porsche could...

    ...have made the Cayenne as strong as it is and 1000 pounds liter. But they couldn't. It's as strong is it needs to be and probably is lots safer in a rollover collision than any other SUV.

    My Turbo still gets better fuel mileage (13.9MPG over 8000+ miles) as my 1300-pounds-liter '99 Grand Cherokee.

    Re: Cayenne too Big and Heavy?

    Haha nice picture. Everytime I drive by an Expedition, I am amazed at how absolutley huge it is.

    RC, if you like the Navigator.. you should try and rent a new Cadillac Escalade next time you're here.

    Re: Cayenne too Big and Heavy?

    RC, I thought you told me if you lived in hte US you would get a Cayenne Turbo.

    Re: Cayenne too Big and Heavy?

    RC, I thought you told me if you lived in hte US you would get a Cayenne Turbo.

    When it comes to take a decision between a E55 or Cayenne Turbo...
    My garage as a US citizen would look like this:
    1. Lincoln Navigator or Cadillac Escalade as a family SUV
    2. SLK32 AMG or Boxster S as my wife's (and from time to time mine) summer car
    3. Porsche GT3 or GT2 as a fun car for the weekends

    As I can't afford to own a sports car AND a Cayenne Turbo right now, I'll go for the top priority...the family.
    The Cayenne Turbo has a slightly smaller luggage room but a bit more head room in the rear which makes it easier for my wife to change diapers (3 months old son) and deal with other things when driving with the kids.
    If the Lincoln Navigator would be available in Germany, I'd probably go for one instead. The largest (officially) available SUV in Germany is the Chevrolet Tahoe. And I'm not sure I like it too much.

    I'm glad

    RC, I am glad to see that I'm not the only one here changing diapers, he, he, he...

    For many reasons we decided to go with a VW Sharan 1.8T instead of an SUV, my wife Mary makes amazing Cirque Du Soleil moves to get to the rear seat to change JD's diaper or get Tania to the self installed potty... Mary chose the Sharan in red wich I think looks great and different...

    Mary & Sharan

    For city driving Mary chose a MINI which she chose in Liquid Yellow, she is pretty colorful...


    from time to time I drive the MINI for weekend errands

    Guys on Saturday

    But our passion still remains at Porsche, last time I drove a demo home, Mary, took a pick at the garage and said: "Honey, why don't we have some Boxster fun, I'll take the white/savanna Boxster and you get to follow in your Boxster" the fun for me started when I finally catched her

    His & Hers Boxster

    As far as a Cayenne goes, well is basically unafordable here in Mexico, a Turbo with a few options retails for around $125,000 dollars, add anuall registration of $10,000 dollars and annual insurance at around $7,000 dollars, although it would be great to own here with so many bad roads and speed limit rarely enforced... well at leats I got to drive an S pretty hard...

    Cayenne S Demo

    maybe after the diapers I'll consider an SUV, if so, its either a Cayenne or at least a Toureg... although Mary loves the X5

    lastly check out my detailers, he, he, he

    new enthusiasts

    Re: I'm glad

    Nice write up and a beatiful family

    Re: I'm glad

    Very nice pics Frissen, thanks!
    Cute kids! Nice pic of you jumping on the Cayenne

    Re: I'm glad

    Thanks Frissen,

    Great photos and wonderful family. We have been getting some great contributions from your dealership.



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