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    Experiences on special ordering a car

    Hi All! First post with some questions on wait times for special ordering a Porsche. For a while now (since Feb. this year), I've had an order with one of my areas' dealers for an special-ordered Boxster S. Now we're at the beginning of August, and the earliest build date I am offered is February of '08!! Apparently, for the last few months I've been the next up to fill an allocation, but the particular dealer I've been talking to hasn't been able to get one. ...Is this typical?

    Now, I love Porsches and am willing to wait to get what I want. Still, I'm not sure I can make the wait for what will amount to 14 months or so by the time I get my car!! So I thought I'd post here and get die-hards' opinions, and also to find out how long other folks on this board have waited for their cars.

    ...BTW, great forum with some useful information on this board. I look forward to adding to the discussions here!

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    You can try going out of state for a car, many dealers will ship for free or for a nominal fee.

    14 months is way too long, boxsters you should be able to get a build within 1-2 months and delivery within max 5-6 months.

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    5 months of waiting after putting in the order. Saved a lot of money and got the car the way I wanted it.

    In retrospect, I would focus more on the exclusive options, such as thicker steering wheel, leather covered rear console, black painted pcm, deviated stitching.

    Since you are ordering new, you also have the new option for ordering the new Sports bucket seats! Get some nice matching seat belts to finish the look!

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    Hmm, sounds like your dealer is playing games with you. In the Bay Area there are several very good dealers. A typical order takes about 5 months. This "allocation" story is BS. The deposit you gave the dealer for your order is completely refundable. I would get my money back and go to a better dealer. If you'd like I can send you a PM of where I bought my car, they were great to me. I did a factory order and it was worth the wait. Also you may want to check it is a Boxster board that is based in the Bay Area.

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    Thanks for the replies guys. Well to be fair to myself, I did check out my options at a larger dealer. A guy at the premier dealer in my area informed me that Boxster S production has been significantly reduced to ramp up production of newer models like the Cayenne. He explained said that his dealership is not getting nearly as many Boxster/Boxster S as it used to, so smaller dealers will get even less.

    Paralizer, I appreciate the babblers link, and will check it out!

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    I think both dealers are not being honest...The Cayenne and Boxster are produced in different factories..The Boxster is assembled in Finland and Cayenne in Germany.
    I would diffinently make calls to dealers outside of the SF Bay Area.

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    You guys aren't implying a salesman might not be telling the truth, maybe to make more money?

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    Regardless of cause (for discussion's sake), may anybody here be able to confirm that production is, in fact, lower than a couple of years ago? I wonder if demand is any lower with there being so many copies of the Boxster S over the last 10 years...

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    The only issue these salesmen "could" have referred to are the slots on the ferries en route to North America. The Boxster/Cayman models produced in Finland are being shipped to Northern Germany as far as I know, presumably getting on the ferry with the cars built at Stuttgart (911) and Leipzig (Cayenne). Still sounds strange to me...

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    To add to what you wrote. Boxsters are produced in Stuttgart as well as Finland. All Boxsters sold in Germany come from Stuttgart but the rest of the world gets a mixture based on capacity and demand. My Boxster was built in Stuttgart which I was really happy with. To say there is not enough Boxster capacity sound strange because that would mean both the factory in Stuttgart and Finland are maxed out. Obviously the 911 and all the variations are made exclusively in Stuttgart. I have a hard time believing this story from the dealership because it will be the 3rd model year for the 987. Sounds strange

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    capacity problem is BS - actually Boxster Sales are down.
    BTW all Boxsters are assembled in Finland nowadays (only the engines are built in Zuffenhausen).
    However if you order a lot of exclusive options, the bottle neck is Stuttgart (AFAIK all the exclusive options for both product lines 987 + 997 become assembled by the exclusive department in Stuttgart). May I ask what kind of exclusive options you did choose ? Even though, such options usually may delay delivery by 6 months or so, not more.

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    If production has been rolled back, then my guess is the same as another poster, that demand is down.

    The options on my car (full leather, extended nav, thicker steering wheel...) are not what's holding me back. I'm not even there yet. It's the "allocation," reportedly, which is controlled by the Porsche rep and parent company. Each dealer gets only so many numbers of each car, as far as I understand. I do like the salesmen I've run into at the dealership where my order is, but the dealership is one of the smaller ones and they say they just don't have an allocation to place a Boxster S order with the factory until Feb. next year.

    Apparently, the larger dealer has allocations for later this year, but wants msrp, a price I'm unwilling to pay for a car that's already been out for a couple years. Thus I wait, or pick from what's sitting in existing showrooms or on a vessel to here.

    You guys are right. The whole thing sounds a little weird. I wouldn't be surprised if my car would come a lot faster if I threw a bucketload more money into the deal! And with regard to price, I'm curious about how the market price changes from one city to the next. Did folks pay closer to msrp or invoice for their ordered cars?

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    Sounds very, very strange. Visit some additional dealerships or contact PCNA directly, if you are curious about the actual delivery situation.

    I just cannot find any reason for a salesperson to tell you these things, apart from an attempt to sell you the car at MSRP.

    Re: Experiences on special ordering a car

    The options on your car have no effect on the speed of your order. The only time recently when there has been any sort of allocation issue was in the Summer/Fall of 2005. At that time the factory was ramping up for Cayman S production and dealers were generally only getting one Boxster S order per month so that Porsche could build Cayman inventory. Sales were still very strong on the then new 987 model. That has since changed. I think a dealer is really playing games with you. The Bay Area has 7 dealers, and 3 are really good dealers. In no particular order they are:
    1. Rector in Burlingame
    2. Carlsen in Redwood City
    3. Fletcher Jones in Fremont
    All 3 are very good and support Porsche clubs and groups. If you need a specific contact PM me. Also if you are AAA you get an automatic AAA discount at Carlsen. There are 2 dealers in the Bay Area that have very bad reputations. If you'd like to know who they are PM me. I don't want to possibly violate any rules by speaking negatively of a dealer. Don't give up, and don't give in and buy off the lot if a factory order is what you want. Believe me when I say you'll be glad you waited. I'm sure glad I waited it out.



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