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    Specking new car

    A friend of mind put down a 3000 GBP deposit to secure a build date for a c4s. He didn't speck the car and was to do so in March. He has since changed his mind and asked for his deposit to be returned. The OPC have refused to return his deposit stating that his early discussions were specking the car. This is despite the fact that they can not tell him what his speck is. Does anyone know if he is entitled to a refund of his deposit.

    Re: Specking new car

    My first deposit was Pounds3000 which I got back 5 months later just before the spec stage ..

    It clearly states the first deposit is refundable on the back of the Order Form , which your friend should have ..

    There giving him BS , take it above the dealership..


    Re: Specking new car

    I put 3000 GBP down in March 2005 with a London OPC. After my impulse off-the-lot buy a few weeks later at a different dealership, I just wrote a short note canceling my order and requesting the deposit to be refunded. No issues at all getting the money back, they were very relaxed about it. The way I understood it, the deposit would have been increased to a full 10% of the purchase price at the time when the options were to be finalized, but until then, the initial 3000 were refundable anytime.

    Not sure if Porsche in N Ireland has different rules regarding deposits though...

    Re: Specking new car

    As a contrast, I only had to put 2k deposit, and they never asked for the 10% - I just paid the rest on collection day. I guess it varies with the dealer. That was Exeter.

    Re: Specking new car

    Same as wtsnet at Cambridge, paid Pounds3000 with order and then nothing else until I picked up the car. And Throt is right - it is very clear on the back of the order form that the first deposit is refundable. The order form is the A4 size multi-part set where the dealer gives you one copy, not the receipt itself.

    Re: Specking new car

    Same as Ente, Pounds3000 deposit initially, then up to 10% when I placed the spec on the Porsche system against a build slot.

    Regardless of the legal position it's dissapointing to hear the dealer has such a hardline attitude or is willing to try it on!

    Re: Specking new car

    Thanks guys I will pass on your views



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