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    SLR test drives last week

    I apologize upfront for not having a camera, my bad as pictures would have said a thousand words....

    Last week a good friend and I drove down to Carmel to participate in the Land Rover off road experience, it was hosted at a 4 star resort in Carmel CA.

    Driving down to Carmel we noticed more and more exotic and high end cars, and then it hit me, this weekend was the Concourse. We pulled into the resort and there were 4 SLR's up front and a bunch of guys wearing black Mercedes garb. I roll down my window and ask where the Land Rover experience is? A nice English Gentleman working for Mercedes told us it was up in the hills at the resort's barn and gave us directions.

    I them asked him what were the Mercedes doing here, he mentioned it was an SLR test drive. So naturally I asked him can I drive one, he asked me if I was on the list? I said no but I'd let him drive my Carrera S and not race any of his potential buyers. He laughed, said no, but mentioned the Porsche might handle a little better on the twisty test drive they laid out.

    All the "Test" drivers for the SLR appeared to be white males > 50yrs old and heading off to the barn I got right behind one of the SLR's out on a test. Funny thing was he tried to lose us up in the hills but was not able to, we went toe to toe thru the twists, hills and turns. On the few open stretches the SLR's v-8 and 617hp pulled away faster but we quickly closed the gap especially in the corners.

    I can only imagine the "test" driver and Mercedes rep's annoyance that we were able to keep up. Reality is the "test" driver was not used to the setup of the SLR and very likely hesitant to see what it could really do and I was kind enough not to pass them......My thoughts are save the $350k and pickup a p-car.

    Oh and the Land Rover experience was great, we drove LR3's through some nasty trails and 40 degree side hill crawls. Highly recommend.

    Re: SLR test drives last week

    Agree SLR is an overpriced POS....and the mkt seems to agree

    However, the published N-ring times for the lowly, GT-oriented, 4300lb SL55 v1.0 (not the '07 SL55 w/new, tighter ABC susp 2.0, upgraded brakes/steering, 20 more hp/lb-ft, etc) are rather similar/poss even better vs those of 997S, 360 and 430 (vs coupe iterations, not even vs the porkier/softer cab versions of each) .....and the SLR's N-ring times are better than those of SL55 v1....

    Re: SLR test drives last week

    Sounds like a lot of fun, though it would surprise me if you were not a better driver than the guy in the SLR

    VKSF said:
    Agree SLR is an overpriced POS....and the mkt seems to agree

    How is the sales of the SLR going? I recall they planned to make 3500, which sounded quite ambitious IMO..

    Re: SLR test drives last week

    Elysium read on:

    Re: SLR test drives last week


    An SLR Roadster would be amazing IMO, and if the car is moving this slow it could become "affordable" in some years as well

    Re: SLR test drives last week

    When do we see reviews on the SLR 722?

    Re: SLR test drives last week

    Say's next spring i believe!



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