Available now on the new C55, which does have 4 exhaust pipes BTW.
1100 Euros in Germany.
Said to redefine sedan car handling by miles.
Thousands of hours of testing on the infamous circuit.
These are quotes from the four AMG engineers after an interview with respected journalist Peter Robinson.
-" We did for, Just for us!"
-"The Sachs damper are 20% stiffer... That's the only change... There is NO comfort compromise, so the ride is..." and the head engineer did not finish teh sentence.
-"Maybe we will sell 50 a year"
This is a change from Merc usual behaviour. And one that I applause.
RC, do you thik such a set up will be available on other AMG models.
Since they're making quite a big fuss about it, I presume it's substantially different to the Pack Performance for the SL. True?