I saw some Cayenne accessories by this company on Ebay.

Decided to buy 2 items and asked them to set up a BuyItNow auction for me for both items together. They instead just sent me a PayPal link for both items & an invoice via email. Since they had 3000+ feedbacks and member since 1999, I trusted them and sent the payment.

I asked them for a tracking number which took them almost 48 hours since supposedly being shipped. When I checked the tracking number it was for a shipment already delivered in June to Japan! I figured they made a mistake with the number and asked for clarification.

I am not getting any straight answers from them. I have specifically asked for an explanation of the situation instead of their usual one liner answers. They promised to give the explanation today but I dont have it yet in my inbox.

Now Im really starting to feel like Ive been taken for a ride.

Curious if anyone's heard of them or dealt with them. I was very excited about these items and wanted fast delivery so I failed to insist on purchase through Ebay to have some recourse.

This could all be a geniune mistake from their side but they are not even making the effort to clarify / rectify.

2007 Carrera S 2007 GL 550