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    Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    From Scott26 at

    The next M3 as always will be the flagship of the 3er portfolio. And will be available as coupe, sedan and then a high performance touring version.
    The reintroduction of a sedan and the introduction of a Touring was chosen because we realise we are losing customers who want the practicality . The logical choice would be Alpina but many defect to other manufacturers.

    The next M3 will receive a high rev V8 evolved from the latest V10 - Basically two cylinders removed but no less spectacular.
    due to increasing competition ,power up to either 420 - 440 BHP specified , top speed could be unlimited up to 180 or 190mph. Seven speed SMG.

    The next M3 is all about progress - We upgrade the current car (E46) to todays requirements , add tweak here, more developments , new materials and remove some weight from there.

    The Coupe is expected to follow the M6 with a carbon fibre roof however both a metal roof and carbon fibre are being tested to see which one emphasizes the cars capabilities. as it will be positioned as the top M3 variant. More use of cabrbon fibre and composite plastic as seen with M6. Structure and chassis will benefit with use of alluminium for exceptional ride quality , rigidity and handling.

    The hard top Coupe-Cabrio (3er cabrio replacement) will be known as the 4er. An M4 variant with same engine will follow later.
    The entire roof structure will differ from production cars alluminium top by using a full carbon fibre top.

    The 3er coupe and coupe cabrio.

    2006 will top and tail with the Geneva launch of the new 3er coupe codenamed E92 and the revolutionary coupe-cabrio E93 in late 2006.
    To understand the philosophy of the coupe it's ideas come forward in the current 6er coupe. Understanding the success of this car BMW challenged their designers to put forward this thinking for the 3er coupe.
    Originally planned to be as the BMW 4er to further fit with the 6er in segments above it's usual place . The plan was to really differentiate the car from it's core module the E90 sedan.

    A look Back to the future

    The understand the design of the new 3er coupe you can look at how the 6er is different or you can look back to see how the E36 coupe developed from the E36 sedan. emerging sleeker and more performance orientated .
    A strong look that has transferred over to the new car with a rounded roof forming over a strong passenger cell , The rear of the car forms a kinship with the 6er coupe and the forthcoming E87 based coupe in the way that prominent BMW badge stands in the centre of the bootlid placing the number plate down in the bumper.

    An idea developed for the 4er (originally) was a rear bootlid in which the rear light units were positioned on the rear bootlid , not wrapping around the rear wings. With the bootlid sharing comparison with the 6er , the idea was replaced by the same design but a more original bootlid and rear lights that wrap around the rear wings. The idea it appears was too costly for production , another idea rejected included the adoption of frameless windows like the CLK mercedes-benz. Unfortunately this hampered the overall structure and stiffness of the car again the idea was rejected.

    The front features a sleeker front from the E90 sedan with smaller and more shapely headlights - again BMW's coupes forming a relationship a wider twin kidney geille is placed lower than the sedan - similar to the 6er ,
    The new coupe is very low like the 6er giving the impression that this car is more performance orientated than the elegant CLK.

    The coupe will of course be topped by the powerhouse M3 ( the deathknell of calling the car 4er) Other powerplants will include the forthcoming six cylinder turbo , the current six cylinder powerplants seen in the E90 .
    Diesel power will feature strongly in the new Coupe especially due to the success of the E46 coupe. expect the current 2.0, 3.0 diesel and the twin turbo
    335d. Lower engines are not confirmed due to the marketing of this car.

    The whole thread:
    13 BMW rumours ...

    According to Scott26, this is it:

    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    New rear end:

    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    That looks terrible, looks more Japanese than the regular 3er

    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    aack! The rear end was stolen straight from Hyundai. This car will be a disaster if it looks even remotely close to those pics.

    Greg A

    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    Rear lights look like Nissan 240SX or ZX

    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    Ron (Houston) said:
    Rear lights look like Nissan 240SX or ZX

    Aaargh, I nearly fell off the chair when I saw this back!

    I never thought BMW could make the boring rear end of the new 3 series worse, but they succeeded...

    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    Doubt this is the real thing. This is beyond the pale even for BMW.

    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    The front is OK, but the back is just impossibly terrible!


    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    The rear looksl like one of the alfa romeos, its alright, atleast the looks of the 3 in my opinion arn't gonna ruin the car like the 5 series. imo

    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    Re: Latest M3/3-series coupe info

    Front & side, not bad. The back looks like a 1991 Acura Integra



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