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    New Baby Lambo Revealed

    There's a wild young bull loose on the road, and Auto Express magazine has caught it on film with the first ever pictures of the forthcoming 'baby' Lamborghini, destined to star at next year's Geneva Motor Show.

    Although eagerly anticipated as the legendary firm's small car, our insiders can reveal it'll be anything but tiny. Powered by an all-new 500bhp V10 - also destined for Audi's RSR - the two-seater will go on sale in 2003 and line up alongside the Murciélago.

    Lamborghini has enjoyed the full support of Cosworth and road car tuner Quattro GmbH during the development. Work on the new project, which saw the first prototypes built late last year, has been so successful that the cars are now making regular test runs. Aimed at rivals such as the Porsche 911 GT2 and the Ferrari 360 Modena, the newcomer is expected to cost around Pounds100,000, and offer a mix of exclusivity and performance.

    Codenamed L140, the car has been styled by SEAT design chief Walter de'Silva, and offers four-wheel-drive and a six-speed F1-style sequential gearbox. Although performance is a tightly guarded secret, it's expected to break the 200mph barrier easily, and sprint from 0-60mph in only 4.5 seconds. These figures mean light-weight bodywork is guaranteed, but insiders say structural stiffness and comfort have not been compromised.

    Safety remains a major factor, too, so ABS and ESP, as well as front and side airbags, will all feature. The launch of the L140 will coincide with Lamborghini's 40th birthday, and the car needs to bring a lot to the party. It's charged with lifting production from less than 200 motors a year to 2,000.

    Giancarlo Perini

    Re: New Baby Lambo Revealed

    here are some pics of the supposed prototype.

    Re: New Baby Lambo Revealed


    Re: New Baby Lambo Revealed

    Thanks for the pics.
    What I like very much about Lamborghini is the "old fashioned" sportscar look. As much as I love Porsche but a Lamborghini Murcielago or Ferrari 360 Modena look much more like a real sportscar.
    With the Carrera GT Porsche seems to have achieved a better sportscar design but it looks a big like a Boxster, considering the latest design changes to be able to actually put this car on the street.
    I'm not sure Carrera GT customers will be "amused".



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