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    Sport Seats

    I am in the process of ordering an '05 Cayenne Turbo...

    Does anyone know the difference between the regular seats and the sport seats? Pictures? Are they worth the extra dollars?

    Speaking of options, what are important options for the Turbo? In the long list I made, I am also getting the Advanced Off-road package.


    Re: Sport Seats

    I have ordered the sport seats. The difference is only that the sport seats are more contured. At the side there is more fill-in. If you a normal build person it is not a problem. I love the seats more then the normal seats. You can't compare it to a tradional sports seats from a 996. It's like a sport seats in BMW 5-er.
    My dealer told me that only a few ordered the sport seats. The normal seats are little more comfortable and easier to get in the car.

    For my Cayenne turbo the sport seats are without price, you can take it without paying more.


    Re: Sport Seats

    In my opinion, the sport seats are a MUST on the Cayenne Turbo. But if your "rear" is a bit wider than avarage, you won't be happy with them. Otherwise, they provide great sidegrip and are a great option to have.

    Other must have options? The advanced off-road package is an interesting option, even for street driving but it costs a lot of money and I'm somehow worried about the swaybars.
    One reason why I didn't go for this option. But if you're doing a lot of off-roading, the advanced off-road package might be a must have option too. Also get the off-road navigation.
    The front protection plate is another nice thing to have.
    I also like the insulated glass on my Turbo, it provides the same dark privacy glass in the rear and when the sun shines, the heat in the car builds up very slowly. If you have kids or if you're a lot in hot areas, the insulated glass is a great option to have. It also provides a better theft protection, it is pretty difficult for somebody to brake the glass, he would need some serious hammer and a lot of force to penetrate it and this makes a lot of noise. Somehow also a help against car napping.
    I also like the sunroof but it is no must have option.
    Also get the CD changer. I got the 20'' Sport Techno wheels on my Cayenne Turbo and I just love them. They look nice (much nicer than I thought) and the low profile tires provide great fun on the street. However, today I did (or tried) some "off-roading" (I had to turn my car and drove over little bump of tight earth) and I failed miserably. The tires had serious difficulties to keep up with traction, it sounded horrible and I can't recommend the 20'' street tires for even the easiest off-road tracks.
    Clever Turbo owners who like doing off-roading too, go for two wheel sets: 18'' wheels with off-road tires for off-roading and 19'' or 20'' wheels for street driving.

    I'll post a picture with the sport seats later on.

    Re: Sport Seats

    Here is my option list:

    - sport seats - a must as RC said
    - privacy glasses - very good
    - CD changer - I don't need it
    - sun roof - I use it seldom
    - 20" Tecno - looks good, I don't use my Cayenne turbo off road
    - seperate telefon - I do a lot of business, I need it
    - elektronic comfort package (interior lights, garage opener, ...) - nice
    - multi function steering wheel - I wouldn't buy it a second time
    - Anhängervorrichtung (to pull a wagon) - never used but it could be some day
    - tyre pressure system - I have it, but I think I don't need it

    That's my car. I will make some pictures and post it. I have no pictures from my car until yet made



    Re: Sport Seats

    RC, thanks for the response. Looking forward to pictures on the Sport Seats. Most people say they can't tell the difference between regular and sport seats. How would you describe the difference?

    I am getting 20" Sport Technos, and will get a set of 18" for winter and off-road. The only problem with the 18" from Porsche is they all look terrible (IMHO). You can get them fairly cheap on eBay though, with people upgrading to 20". Too bad they don't make a Sport Techno in 18"!

    I am definitely getting the Advanced Off-Road Technology Package. Does anyone know if this package changes the look of the car in any way? (For example, black valances) The dealer is checking...

    Does anyone have pictures of the Off-Road Design Package? I am not sure I want it but if the Tech Package changes the look in any way, perhaps the Design Package is needed to make it look better!


    Re: Sport Seats

    As far as I know, the Advanced Off-Road Technology Package doesn't change the looks, only the Off-Road Design Package.
    I forgot to mention the tire pressure monitor as a MUST have option, especially if you sometimes use your 20'' for easy off-roading. I really think the tire pressure monitor provides additional safety, especially because people think they have a SUV and can do all kind of nasty things with the 20'' wheels (climbing boardwalks, jumping through potholes, etc.). The 20'' rims AND tires can be easily damaged, people should be aware of that.
    The sport seat is indeed different compared to the standard seat, especially the side grip is much better. However some people don't feel good in it because the seat cushion (where your "bottom" rests... ) is pretty narrow and if you have a big, the sport seats are definetely wrong for you.
    I'll post picture later on in the evening or tomorrow, right now I'm still working in my wife's office (as if the work in MY office isn't enough ) and I don't know when I get home today.

    Re: Sport Seats

    Those of you ordering a 2005 model have the possibility to get the performance upgrade, 500 HP and 700 NM.

    Re: Sport Seats

    So far, the dealer has no knowledge about the power upgrade so unless I wait until it is announced, I won't be getting it.

    I honestly don't think a power upgrade is required. What would be better is a weight reduction!

    RC, yes I am getting the tire pressure monitoring system. It can be handy, especially since I travel between altitudes.

    The sport seats sound good. I've got a GT-3 with the Euro GT-3 seats and find they could be even more snug for me, more like my Cup car!


    Re: Sport Seats

    CF said:
    Those of you ordering a 2005 model have the possibility to get the performance upgrade, 500 HP and 700 NM.

    It isn't available in the MY2005 perliminary order guide for the US yet.
    This might have the following reasons:
    1. the powerkit isn't ready yet and might be delayed until autumn/winter or even later
    2. it will be added to the official order guide later on
    3. it won't be available to the US (not very likely though)

    If people are waiting for a MY 2005 car, I'd definetely would wait until more information about the powerkit is available because right now all rumors indicate that the 500 HP powerkit won't be retrofittable.

    Finally...Sport Seat Picture

    If you need a better one or more (different angles), just tell me. I'll be glad to post them.

    Re: Finally...Sport Seat Picture

    Thanks RC!

    Re: Finally...Sport Seat Picture

    GoPlay said:
    Thanks RC!

    Here's another picture.



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