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    Purchasing help - battery questions?

    I am going to look at a 2005 Cayenne (I have a 99 Boxster). The Pepper would be used as a daily driver - keeping the Boxster. So I downloaded the user manual from some site to review before I go. Then I get to the section on batteries and it starts talking about checking elctrolyte fluid. It also suggests this is a task that should happen 'often'. I thought 'how quaint'. I haven't seen a non-maintenance-free battery in years except in my Boxster.

    So I'm reading and it says you only have to do this on low-maintenance batteries (which suggest some might be otherwise but it doesn't specify). So I read on and find that the battery is under the drivers seat. Now it's getting interesting. Not only that but you have to remove the seat mounting bolts to get at it - and get this - there is a "Maintenance Note" that says these are special micro-encapsulated bolts and have to be replaced everytime they are loosened and have to be torqued to certain spec.

    Now I'm reading and getting upset. Here is a vehicle intended for every day use but you have to be constantly checking the non-maintenance free battery and this also requires a torque-wrench and a never ending supply of special bolts that if you install wrong the seat may fall out!

    I just can't believe this is true. Can a maintenance free battery be installed? Am I over-reacting?

    In case anyone wants to review, the battery section is pages 320 - 334 in the manual.

    I'd really like some feedback on this.

    PS - of course I'll be asking the sales rep about this, but I want some 'user' feedback.


    Re: Purchasing help - battery questions?

    My manual has this "true" information on different pages. Interesting.

    As real world use, I've never touched, checked, etc. either of my batteries (I've got the secondary one in the cargo area) in about a year of use. My build date goes back beyond that so I guessing it is more of a CYA thing for Porsche.

    Don't know if it has anything to do with the dual battery configuration but, the Cayenne has been much better than my ML with regards to the battery not draining when it is left sitting for extended periods. Mercedes has replaced the battery 3 or 4 times in my ML55 to get me going after it sits for just a seven days. This was an unpleasant surprise to me since I have left an ML430 sitting for over a month and had it start-up just fine. Mercedes even went so far as to replace my MCS (PCM like NAV/headunit/etc.) since it was known to cause a drain in some situations.

    The 55's battery eating behavior is one of the reasons I wanted the dual batteries in the Cayenne.

    Re: Purchasing help - battery questions?

    Do you have the URL to the Cayenne User Manual?

    Re: Purchasing help - battery questions?

    My Cayenne has the single battery, which I think all US bound Cayennes have now, and I have never had a battery problem of any kind, unlike our X-5 that had numerous battery draining issues. Like bancu, I have never even seen the battery in my Cayenne in the 18 months I have had the car.

    Re: Purchasing help - battery questions?

    I installed a sound system in my cayenne and had to get to my battery under my seat...the manual says you have to get new bolts every time you remove them...I just bolted it back on (with a torque wrench i got from the dealer). I havent had any problmes with the seat..hope it doesnt come off



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