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    The Future of Porsche

    I  would be interested in what members thought they see for the future for Porsche.   I'm thinking maybe 5-7 years down the road.    

    The Boxster/Cayman seem to be great cars but the competion ( Audi TT, Mercedes SLK and BMW M Coupe ) all are viable alternatives.    Porsche can't simply drop a more powerful engine into the Boxster because it would then infringe on the 911 in performance terms.

    The 911 is not designed for an 8 cylinder motor.   It probably is too big and heavy.    If Porsche made the "S" engine as the stock motor what would be the upgraded engine ?   If there was a 400+ hp engine as an option what would be the choice for the GT3 and GT3RS ?

    The Cayenne like all SUV/SAV's will be in for a steep decline in sales as the world shuns gas guzzlers.    Simply installing a weak 6 cylinder diesel isn't going to solve that probelm.    I  would like to get a SUV but let's be honest, the Cayenne dloesn't have that much utility and the gas powered models suffer from poor gas mileage.   Both Audi and Mercedes offer V8 diesels with 300+ HP and 500+ lb/ft torque in Euope.   And although I ihaven't driven  the new BMW X5 turbo diesel, I have seen only great reviews of this engine.

    In my opinion the Panamera is not a very nice looking vehicle ( and that's being polite ).   Maybe it will be the best handling sport luxury 4 seater but is that going to be enough to entice potential buyers to drop $150k ?

     Your opinions ?

    ( By the way if I were to come into a fortune I would order a GT3 Mk2. ) 

    Re: The Future of Porsche

    i think that in general we will see a move away from adding horsepower in silly numbers and the trend will go towards efficiency. i.e. achieving better performance at same hp levels.
    Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... That's what gets you.

    Re: The Future of Porsche

    With new car sales dropping like a stone, it will be interesting to see how OPC's survive the next phase of global recession.

    The Marque is strong and still desirable, but IMHO, this only applies to the 'Sports Car' range.  The Cayenne will suffer heavily and the Panamera could well be shelved.                   

    Some OPC's will inevitably disappear as sales dip and 'out-of-warranty' owners find independent specialists much more economical for repairs and servicing.

    In the words of the song...."There could be trouble ahead"

    "Things turn out best for people who make the best of the way things turn out."

    Re: The Future of Porsche

    well, i hope 'there's a bridge over troubled waters' Smiley
    Speed has never killed anyone, suddenly becoming stationary... That's what gets you.

    Re: The Future of Porsche

    My opinions on the Porsche product line:

    Boxster/Cayman: current products are good but competitors are getting very close.  The new TT-S/RS and a lot cheaper) 370Z seem to be very good cars that provide very good value.  Please forgive me to say that 987 are no 911.   What I mean is 911 is to a large degree in a league of its own.  For someone who loves 911, they don't compare it with other cars and they don't cross-shop.  Porsche has a history of losing the plot on a model line after a while (think 914, 924/944/968, 928).  It will be very interesting to see how the next gen Boxster/Cayman will be like.  IMO if POrsche still tries to keep them below 911 in performance but 10K's more expensive than competitors, there may not be enough room in the market to be successful.

    Cayenne/Panamera: I was never a Cayenne basher.  I always think it is a good idea to have a model that can generate constant revenue.  But with Cayenne, I just don't get why Panamera?  At least why a limo?  First we have soccer-mom SUV, now we add gray-hair full-size limo (please no offence to old people).  I certainly see Porsche the brand very differently now.  These products dilute the emotion people have towards the Porsche brand; consequently Porsche may not be able to command a (very) margin on its products in the near future. 

    911: It has never been better.  There is a 911 for any budget, from brand new GT2 to C2, or various 996 models in the used car market.  The only problem I feel is 911 may have become too GT-ish.  A rumored 3.0Turbo 911 Light does sound quite interesting though.  Build it light weight, keep only the basic comfort equipments, I am not talking about raw as the RS, but more like the 964 RS America and 3.2 ClubSports.  I think this can be a drivers' 911.


    93' Guard Red 968 Coupe

    Re: The Future of Porsche

    911 is GT-ish because that is what sells...

     Cayenne a gas guzzler? who cares in the US with gas so cheap again and not going up anytime soon.

    Boxster vs 911: as long as the 911 keeps getting faster, no problem for the Boxster performance but both need to loose weight.

    Re: The Future of Porsche

    There will be a GT-ish 911 as well as a sporty 911. We see both already today. The Gt-ish Turbo with the super power, style and if required the relaxed-sport-comfort. On the other hand side the rock'n-roll GT3 with no compromises for the track!

    Re: The Future of Porsche

    Hmm.. interesting article.



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