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    Sebastien Loeb

    I am quite surprised nobody has mentioned Loeb has won his fourth consecutive title in the World Rally Championship. Quite a thrilling season, surprisingly many mistakes from both protagonists, Loeb and Groenholm, and surprising to see noone else was able to compete against them on a regular basis.

    Sordo, being 2nd driver for Citroen, seems to be continuosly getting better, Hirvonen, being 2nd driver for Citroen, marking a few surprising results throughout the season and deserving his third place in the championship. Wondering how much more enthusiasm is left in P. Solberg after another rather dissappointing year with Subaru, however him being the clear no. 1 at that team.

    Loeb, by the way, exchanged seats with Kovalainen and drove the '06 Renault F1 car at Paul Ricard this wednesday:

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    Hats off to Loeb! Great driver!

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    Yes, I was also wondering. This board in general is really focused on F1...and even F1 pre-season testing news get their posts. But nothing on 4th consecutive title of Loeb in WRC.
    well done Loeb! I hope he can win les 24 heures du Man someday...

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    Loeb is very strong i think the citroen is probably the best car overall but Loeb is just to strong , he is the Schumi from rallys.

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    Yeap he is very strong but let's not forget that Tommy Makkinen has already won the title four times in a row from 1996 to 1999. But also I think next year Loeb can make his 5th in a row title. and then he will for shure be the greatest!

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    What I find surprising is the fact that drivers dominated the scene in rather limited timespans. Take a look at Makkinen, who's success vanished with the advent of Petter Solberg, people like Sainz, Grönholm or possibly even Loeb have been superseded after a certain time of success.

    It appears to me that the mental capacities and reflexes demanded in rallying are much higher than in road racing, where one might practice the track and car's behaviour to a certain extend. Could it be a matter of lucky circumstances, building a car that only one single driver can perfectly adapt to? Very unlikely. Possibly the development speed amongst those manufacturers is still much slower than in other motorsport categories, submitting each one with a fair share of success once in a while? Obviously Subaru has a hard time climbing back to the top right now, this shouldn't be the sole reason though.

    Curious to hear your answers.

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    If a driver has an official factory car and if its an european constructor the probabilities of wining are very high, the jap and ford have private teams that develop their cars ... if i have to bet for next year i would bet on Citroen and Sordo or Loeb .
    Subaru is the perfect example good drivers but not so good car, and bad management , like when last year they try to blame Pirelli for their bad results.

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    It's not that surprising. In most cases, the #1 driver for the #1 team collects titles... until a more competitive car is introduced by another team.

    Sometimes, politics can interfere. E.g. Grönholm's career was sacrificed when Peugeot chose to give priority to the Citroën sister team, which had a French lead driver (Loeb).

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    As much as like Loeb, I was hoping Gronholm could take the title! Sebastian did a fine job clawing points back.

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    Well, Gronholm screwed up to consecutive races. one of which Loeb won. That made the difference in the end. Let's see next year without Gronholm who is going to be the competition..

    Re: Sebastien Loeb

    Grönholm is a really nice, down to earth guy, too bad he didn't win.

    It wouldn't be fair if Finns took all the championships this year, though



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