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    Addiction to the attention.

    Since we have the Cayenne I am less looking in to this forum and more cruising around in the Cayenne.
    We just love the car
    And honestly we are somehow get addicted to the attention you get cruising around in the Cayenne.
    We even have to park the car in less crowded areas because off the crowds gathering around the Cayenne(touching the Car)
    The confusion start when I go for a drive in the 996.
    The 996 feels like a Mickie Mouse car and no one is looking at you. And when they look at you they look like there you have one off these rich bastards.
    Driving around in the Cayenne you get lots of posit if reactions and it looks like its more off a peoples car.
    We notice also lots off people who come up to us and asking what car it is because it look so nice than we say its a Porsche they are impressed
    So the designer from Porsche must have done a good job.

    What are the opinion off other Cayenne driver????

    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    First off I should say that I don't own a Cayenne. Yet

    But after seeing it in Person in Houston auto show I was not impressed at all. However now that they're few of them out in the streets my point of view has changed. It is growing on me and I like it.

    In fact my wife thinks Cayenne is awesome looking even though she never liked it in the pictures. But she still doesn't want one, she wants a big SUV for us and the baby and hauling baby's stuff around but she is very persistent about me getting one and I just can't cave in at this time.

    I'm getting to like the Cayenne more and more as time goes by but I'm still a 911 fanatic. I may change my mind sooner than later but we have to wait and see time will tell.


    Re: Addiction to the attention.


    The Cayenne is absolut not a replacement for a 911.
    The Cayenne and a 911 is the perfect combination in my opinion

    I hope my wife is not going to read what I am going to say now.
    The women seem to like the Cayenne very much, I have to close the moonroof once in a while because off women trying to jump in


    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    Picked up my "S" last Friday. It's a great car. I just love it.

    And all I get from friends and strangers are nothing but very positive feedbacks. I think that almost everybody at the office wanted me to show them my new toy. The first day at the office with the Cayenne, I spent almost more hours in the parking lot doing presentations than at my desk.

    IMHO, Porsche has done a terrific good job.

    Matt C

    Congrats!!! (nt)

    nt = No Text

    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    I agree Dedam,
    The Cayenne and the 911 complement well eachother but a third addition would be welcome as a city car.
    Don't you think?
    That is if you live in a big city of course with loads of traffic. (Cayenne's just a bit big for Paris and London small streets)
    Something small and cool like a Smart or a mini or if you are really a big fan of Porsche,
    A Cayenne for the wife, a Cayenne Turbo for yourself on long journeys, a 996 Targa tiptro for the city, a 911 Turbo cab X50 when the sun's out (or mind you, a Carrera GT would do as well) and a 996 GT3RS for track days.
    So, humm, you like Porsche right? Me? or no, not really!

    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    A Porsche city car would maybe a good idea.

    Maybe RC has some rumours about the future 4th production line from Porsche.

    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    Oh no!
    That's not what I meant.
    I don't think Porsche should go below Boxster Level IMHO.
    Fourth model line up would be nice as a big front engined GT with V8 and V10s!!!

    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    I picked up my Cayenne Turbo today. Black/Black. Dedam is right, it draws more attention than my silver Daytona

    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    I picked up my Cayenne Turbo today. Black/Black. Dedam is right, it draws more attention than my silver Daytona


    How about some pictures and a short driving report?

    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    The pleasure and fun of driving such a car like porsche is much more important then attention, I think that is the most important reason to buy a Porsche, if you want some more attention to your porsche you should paint it Ferrari Red, lower it and give it a nice spoiler. You will have much more attention !

    I think a TurboCabrio will look nice in Red with a savannah or natural brown leather combination !

    But, I would love to see some nice pics of your 365 and Cayenne carcombo rijk ! And I think I'm not the only one


    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    All you talk is about attention If you want attention while driving your Porsche, maybe some neon lights under the car together with a big rear wing will match your priorities sorry couldn't resist


    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    If you want some attention... use this one

    or this one

    You WILL get the attention you need.

    only those rims ..... uncool to me!


    Re: Addiction to the attention.

    I bought an S and traded for the Turbo 3 days later. I have owned a lot of cars but never has the attention been so positive or great pertaining to any car I have ever owned including my GT2. I do think the FX45 is better looking but by the crowds and I do mean crowds view point something went very right from Porsche. I run the Techart 20" wheels on the Turbo and it really looks nice. As I have posted in other sites, I went in to buy an oil filter for the C4 and left with a Cayenne. I do urge anyone who has not driven them but yet remark negatively on the boards to try one.



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