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    Re: 997 vs Cayman vs Boxster S

    Sales figures for the 80's, not bad for a car priced at 150% of the 911. In price and performance it was competing with the boxer then testarossa. Not bad sales considering it never really got full marketing support. What killed it off was the bad economy and wild currency fluctuation. It had its heyday in the reagan boom.

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    But all porsches are good.


    Re: 997 vs Cayman vs Boxster S

    My comments regarding the 928 had nothing to do with acceleration. And it is a good handling car, I said that. And there are tons of cars out there that can run hard in triple digits "well within" their capabilities. I just respectfully disagree with your "best road car Porsche ever made" comment, as I don't find the 928 to be that rewarding of a country-road drive compared to the 911. My most recent 1996 993 C2 was a far more capable and comfortable and communicative road car than my 928, regardless of thrust. But by no means do I intend any slander towards your 928, it's just my opinion regarding two fine cars. The absurdly low resale values for used 928's certainly does not support any "best" assertions. But on the plus side, it makes the price of entry for a really great GT very easy to justify and experience!

    Re: 997 vs Cayman vs Boxster S

    Just to add my .02 worth on the 928, I think it had a dual personality. On the interstates it was very smooth and comfortable. You would be refreshed even after a 600 mile day. But when you pushed it hard in the twisties, it seemed to feel more agile and not heavy at all. I am not a particularly accomplished driver, but I could do 2:30 on the long course at Watkins Glen without too much trouble. That is a pretty decent time for a DE event and speaks more for the car than the driver.

    Re: 997 vs Cayman vs Boxster S

    Let me first say that i really like the 997. I smile whenever i see a 911 coming at me. Hey bossman, i think a lot of what you say is very subjective and thats OK. At least you can say it having had the experience.

    But i must agree with AJK. I enjoy mine much more on curvy country roads than the highway. The thing that i enjoy most about my car is the fact that when i approach an intersection or other turn i can actually speed up instead of hit the brakes because it corners on rails.

    Here is a Fact, the 928 has a lower center of gravity and a wider stance than most 911's. Now add to that the fact that my shark weighs under 3200 lbs and its heavy rep flys out the window. What does the 997 weigh these days? And it handles just fine! Now if one isn't satisfied with stock handling there is always much wider wheels available plus eibach/konis, ott drop links etc.......

    Man am i glad that so many people are scared off by the required work involved in 928 ownership. That will allow me to add inthe years to come.

    Re: 997 vs Cayman vs Boxster S

    It all depends on what the term "road car" means to the individual.

    I once tried a '96 C2 back to back with my 928 GT and came away not really wanting one at all. Love the looks and it did have a certain "rawness" to it that I could see some people really liking......but was so glad to get back in the GT afterwards. The 928 is a fantastic GT and a good sports car, while the 993 is a great sports car and a marginal GT at best......just my .02 I just happen to like the former combination better.

    Re: 997 vs Cayman vs Boxster S

    What, are we drawing all of the members of the 928 forum over here?? It's all good. Regardless of weight, I never feel as nimble or light-on-my-feet in my 928, and it's showroom tight, it's not like I'm clunking about in a 150,000 mile beater. It's all in how you interact, and what weighting and control calibrations make you feel like the machine is an extension of you. Different strokes, depending on personal preference...

    Re: 997 vs Cayman vs Boxster S

    Seems like you die-hard 911 guys are getting a little p-offed with Cayman. Actually there are MANY people who want this particular car for its particular driving dynamics, not just "another hard top Porsche." Not being able to afford a 911 is not the sole purpose of wanting this car. Maybe some want both driving set-ups..say a Cayman S and GT3 or maybe a roadster for sunny days. Only people who seem to be put off by the Cayman are people who seek prestige and exclusivity. I grew up lusting for a 911 as well, so I'm not a 911 basher. But hey, in all facets of life, many don't want their status tampered with. Same case in the 911/ Cayman scenario. I think the 911 as a whole will continued to have success, because of intangibles a 911 can only give.

    Re: 997 vs Cayman vs Boxster S

    The best way I can sum up the caman is as follows, all my life I wanted a 911, it is a special car, a boxster/chickster/caman will never be a 911 no matter what they do to it, it's a total package. The 911 is the finest car I have ever owned. If you want two seat value just get a vette, it's fast, looks good , but it ain't no 911.

    Re: 997 vs Cayman vs Boxster S

    C4s, thats your opinion. You're right "it aint no 911". Its a Cayman.



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