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    And more!

    Re: And more!

    Re: And more!

    Re: And more!

    Re: And more!

    And this one's for Zzoba: My white dials!!!


    First of all,
    Christian, you have to teach me how to put several in ONE post please.
    Ok, the impressions now.
    Well, the car only has 140 kms on it still so we're taking it easy.
    But here's what I've experienced so far.
    In one word: IMPRESSIVE
    I went with my friend from Mercedes to pick it up, on the way there with the Porsche and I drove the S back, it was in Evreux so I got a fair idea of how this car behaves where it shines: on the MOTORWAY
    Stephane in the Porsche COULD NOT follow me!!!
    You don't really feel the 500 hp, it's the torque!!! It's there SOOO early!!!
    Amazing, you find yourself at 220 kmh in total silence, brilliant!
    When I would press the pedal, I would leave the 996 on the spot and believe me, my friend was trying
    More to come later.
    Interior design and finish, very nice, I especially like the Nubuck everywhere!
    Now, one problem
    You can't get out of the car at the back on the left
    The door handle is broken
    I already took it to a Paris dealer (who was very impressed BTW Very few in France apparently!) and he said we'll have to take it back for a day so, it's a shame.
    Oh, and TV in the front and back is really cool!!!
    PS: It's night time so I'll take pics of the Porsche and SL tomorrow!
    Take care guys!!!

    Re: Guys...


    Beautiful. I hope you enjoy the car, it is really a super sedan.

    Thanks Justin!!!

    I'd still prefer the Porsche for a quick spin though.
    The S is not really my idea of an exciting car.

    The two winter beauties shot from our balcony

    Re: The two winter beauties shot from our balcony

    The last two!

    Re: The last two!

    Thanks for the advice on the GT3 sideskirts, I love them!!!
    Sorry about the tree

    It's polar silver CR!

    It's polar silver, just like yours Christian!
    And so is the center console, looks nice IMO.
    Standard interior looks a bit sad I think.

    Re: It's polar silver CR!

    Humm, weird, saw your post and then it disappeared
    Never mind.
    PS: Floored the pedal of the S600 yesterday, I know, I know, not smart with 140 kms on the clock but it was gentle
    The road was damp and ESP kicked in IMMEDIATELY

    Re: It's polar silver CR!

    It's incredible how can a 2.3Ton limo smoke a 02 Carrera. Congrats and post has many pics as you can

    The SL is AMAZING Love the color combo.


    Thanks J.Seven!

    The SL is indeed much better looking than the 996 IMO.
    It is metallic black with light beige interior, very nice but the interior gets dirty very quickly, especially the beige floor mats
    You can't see it very well on the pic but the Glass Roof is a must have option, great!!!
    Come on Porsche! Make a move now!!!

    Wow, Congrats!!! Very very nice

    Very nice, thanks Francois

    It is really impressive that a limousine like the S 600 can keep up with a 996 Turbo up to over 200 kph. A 996 Turbo with Tiptronic has problems to follow the S 600.

    Now imagine a ML 600 with 500 HP and 800 Nm torque. Ouch, I'd LOVE that.

    The SL 55 is a beautiful car, no doubt about it. Porsche is lucky that it is heavy and still has that "old" SL reputation regarding people who drive it (old and bald ).
    Imagine a SL 55 with a weight of 1600 kg, Porsche would have difficulties to sell the 996 Turbo.

    So yes, the message for Porsche is in fact: more powerful, less weight (or at least not more) and a more refined exterior design. The 911 has a certain tradition but this doesn't mean it has to look old or ugly. I think that Porsche is well aware of the competition out there and they'll do anything to cope with that.

    Re: Very nice, thanks Francois

    In reply to:
    more refined exterior design. The 911 has a certain tradition but this doesn't mean it has to look old or ugly

    I agree with you RC on exterior design. There is nothing wrong with coming up with a radical design. Look at Ferrari there are only few item design common among their cars.
    I believe Porsche should come up with a radical design and see how successful it becomes.

    Re: S600

    Congratulations François!
    Some very nice machinery you got...

    Re: Very nice, thanks Francois

    Thanks guys,
    Not as exciting as the Enzo's pics though
    Back again to Paris next week end.
    The S class pics are not great because the garage is not very big, hopefully, it'll be nice weather next week end and I'll try to catch the whole car in the sun, looks great with the AMG body kit (I personally never saw an S class with it and it's a mistake, it's not too much, it looks fantastic!!!)

    Re: LOL

    fanch, you are great

    Re: congrats, fanch!!

    awesome car, looks pretty mighty. hope it doesn't have white dials though
    cheers; zz

    Re: congrats, fanch!!

    Nope the dials are black
    Worked out the problem with door handle, it was the child security that was activated
    I feel really stupid
    But there you go, the car isflawless , apologies to MB.
    It is a monster
    I still cannot believe I left my car on the spot when I pressed the accelerator!!!

    Re: congrats, fanch!!

    In reply to:
    I still cannot believe I left my car on the spot when I pressed the accelerator!!!

    this is what amazes me most: you only have to push the accelerator pedal and *BLAST!* off you go!!

    even if a 996TT is faster from 0-100 kph theoretically, the merc driver just has to hold down his right foot, drivebywire is doing the rest. amazing. a little bit scary, though.

    Re: congrats, fanch!!

    hi fanch, congratulations. very very nice cars.
    you actually like the SL 500? and one question: didn't you ever thougt about an z8 from BMW? i think it is sportyer than a SL.

    Re: congrats, fanch!!

    Check out you thread for an answer
    The SL is my mother's car (what a waste !!!)
    And yes, I would chose a Z8 over an SL500 anytime
    If it were an SL55AMG, humm, I think I'd think about it...

    Re: Congrat!

    You should debadge your car It will suprise many Ferrari, Porsche or Lambo drivers.



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