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    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Just got an email response from Nav-TV. Came pretty quickly actually. As my unit is not installed yet, they are suggesting that I send to control unit back to them for the update.

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Got the new board - very funny - just a piece of electronic to build into the box which is already in my car)

    I will integrate it in the next days and give you a feedback about the new functionality....

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Just got word from Nav-TV that they shipped my upgraded unit to my installer. Now I just need the car to arrive and then I will report back.

    I also just wanted to note Nav-TV was very responsive to my emails and question and flexible about shipping directly to my installer on the other side of the country (I'm in the process of moving).

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    just integrated the new board at my porsche dealership (cost me 100$ to do this) and I have now tested the new functionality for 3 hours AND SURPRISE the new Software is working as bad as the old one AND does more errors now then before.

    e.g. If you select a genre and scroll through the lists after 25 items there was in the old release a waittime of 5secs to come to the next 25 items and now - it just dont goes to the next 25 items

    e.g. if you have genres Axxx Bxxxx Cxxxx the first Genre in list is just not there but the last Genre is ther twice Zxxxx Zxxxxx and one of thius double listings is originally the Axxxxx.

    e.g. the 25th song of every genre list is a song out of a different genre (e.g. 24 songs pop and the 25th is country)

    e.g. The system is also in playlists still not able to have more then 99 items - so sorry boys no chance to hear a song which is in the S-Title Playlist and strates e.g. Stxxx

    I manages 2 times in 3 hours that the PCM just Shutdown with no more chance to go to main-screen, navi,...

    Overall I am deeply pissed off
    I paid 500$ for the board
    I paid 250$ for first integration
    I paid 100$ today for board replacement

    and as there is no software upgarde possibilitie without
    disconnecting the board from POCM (and deinstallation in the car) every software revision will cost you 2hrs in the porsche wokshop and around 100$


    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    997S thanks for the update and your frustration is understandable... this is bad news I did not want to hear.

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    This stuff really stinks. A really inexpensive way to give the consumer what they need is an Aux input - just take the line out from your Pod or other music device and plug it into your car. Great sound, no integration problems. My wife's E500 has such a plug hidden in the glove box and it just solves the problem.

    Since Porsche doesn't offer such a solution and the aftermarket guys are both apparently struggling to get something to work, I went out last night and bough yet another FM transmitor. This one is the Kensington RDS FM Transmitor, $60 at Best Buy. After 50 miles (round trip home last night and back to work) it sounds about as good as FM radio, and is a pain because you have to retune it as stations come in and out of range, but it's better than nothing.

    I'm doing a 400 mile road trip this weekend and will report back on what the experience was like.

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    One more UPDATE

    I am now in discussion with Moni from Nav-TV and we agreed that I will now play Beta-Tester again and will provide a detailed list of bugs and problems and cosmetic issues.

    I know that this will cost me a day or two but on the others side maybe we as a community can help to build a interface that is working. The money is already spent so I try to help them to deliver a working solution...

    By the way - Moni said that via a special playlist there should be a possibilitie to update the board - so the last 100$ experiment was

    99 songs limit work around

    Been using Nav TV for 2 months in a 997 so do qualify as a beta tester.

    1. To work around the 99 songs playlist limit, one has to switch sequence to random. This way, I see track 777, 505, etc.

    2. I find that if I shut down the car with PCM showing the map, I can almost eliminate the chance of Nav TV not finding iPod next time I start up.

    3. The bug where the track number doesn't advance is a problem. Not only is the wrong info displayed on the screen, if one tries to skip to the next song, song previously played will be repeated:

    - played track 2, 3, 4 and now playing track 5.
    - PCM will still be displaying 2 while playing 5 (minor annoyance).
    - when you press next track, track 3 will be played instead of 6 (major annoyance).

    Re: 99 songs limit work around

    Update on Kensington FM Transmitter

    Drove 460 miles this weekend, from northern NJ to Baltimore and Annapolis, Maryland and back. Great ride (except for the traffic on I-95 Friday evening). The car continues to be a dream.

    The FM transmission itself is ok. The fidelity is not the same as CD, MP3 on CD, or the iPod connected via the cassette emulator in my Lexus, but it's acceptable. But it works, it's stable, and I didn't have to keep changing frequencies, as I've experienced in other FM transmittors. The artist and track name from the Pod displays as the radio RDF text, which is way cool. Is is, of course, another pile of junk laying between the seats waiting for me or my passenger to hit it and knock it out of position.

    But for $60 with no installation, it's a very good deal.

    This particular model only works with iPod, but they make them for any device with a mini-stereo jack out, so it should be possible to hook up a portable Sat receiver.

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Hi Guys, just bought a 07TT and am new to the board. I had a NAVTV unit installed, but am finding that PCM is saying "NO CD Found" about 1/3 of the time I start my car.

    Is this a known issue, and is there a fix?

    Also, I saw reports of lots of people installing the Denison unit, but haven't heard much feedback about its pro's and cons. Does it have bugs? Does it allow control from the ipod or headunit like the NAVTV?

    Thanks so much!

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    I have had the Nav-TV installed for close to 10 months in my GT3. It's adapted for the ipod and an extra aux. port for my XM inno. No issues with the NAV TV yet. My main issue the the NAV TV is that you cannot access all your music, especially if you have 10,000 songs. Just make plenty of playlist and you should do fine. The sound is crystal clear for both the ipod and XM radio:!

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    I just bought the m0bridge ( after extensive research on the NAV-TV, DICE, Denison, and m0bridge (from 6speedonline, on rennteam, on edmunds, etc.), and it arrived today. I was actually going to buy the NAV-TV before I found out about the m0bridge and the remaining NAV-TV issues. Now all I need is my ordered 2008 Turbo Cab (which should arrive at the dealer any day after a 10 day hold in PDI in San Diego ) to try it out.

    Reasons I went with the m0bridge over the others (note: no personal experience here yet):

    * Stability. It seems that both the NAV-TV and Denison have serious stability issues (with more than one report of problems for each). The m0bridge (albeit based on far fewer reports since it is newer) appears to be much more stable.
    * m0bridge claims to be a certified Apple partner, so they have access to Apple's specs for the iPod interface, rather than reverse engineering it as the others have had to. They also have to abide by many conditions laid down by Apple as well.
    * Thus, it is supposed to work even with the latest generation of iPods. I have the 160GB classic, so this is important. The NAV-TV appears to have some issues with the latest generation - again possibly as they don't have direct access to Apple's documentation
    * They also seem to be a MOST partner. In particular, they say that according to MOST specifications, all devices on the fiber ring need a constant source of power (B+, i.e. not switched with the ignition) to work properly. The device will then automatically switch in and out of sleep mode based on fiber signals. This may be a problem with installs of other hardware?
    * It's firmware upgradeable using an SD card. SD card MP3 playback is not there yet, but plans are there in future firmware.
    * Aux in 3.5mm jack as standard (NAV-TV is $99 optional extra)
    * You can go beyond 99 items (up to 10,000) in a list through paging 99 at a time. NAV-TV only pages 30 at a time, up to 99 max I think
    * Shuffle and repeat both work, but they reset to no-shuffle no-repeat on engine off due to a PCM limitation. I think shuffle doesn't work on the latest iPods with the NAV-TV (one of a few problems with the latest ones)
    * You can exit the ipod touch wheel lock-out through the PCM and still get the audio out, so if there are any control issues from the PCM CD-changed emulation (e.g. not being able to access podcasts as per the NAV-TV) you can still control the device using the touch wheel
    * $599 price point includes everything

    I'll have it installed in the next couple of weeks and will have a much better sense of if it lives up to the promises then. However, based on phone and email interactions with Scott Nelson (their main employee in the US, in Redondo Beach, CA), I have been very impressed with his knowledge and service to date.

    He did say they are short of inventory however, and it may be a few weeks till they get their next batch, as they are just starting up in the US in the past couple of months. So you may want to order now - there is a money-back guarantee if it doesn't work properly - this is what I did!

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    The Porsche iPod interface (usable through PCM) is available now from Porsche. I'll get one of the first units installed in my 997 Turbo as soon as shipping starts, it may take a week or two though, maybe longer.

    Just in case it hasn'r been mentioned.
    It is also available for the Cayenne.

    Btw: all non-factory approved adapters which interfere with the electronics of the car may void your warranty for the whole electrical system of the car, incl. some black boxes. Just mentioning it...

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    RC said:
    The Porsche iPod interface (usable through PCM) is available now from Porsche. I'll get one of the first units installed in my 997 Turbo as soon as shipping starts, it may take a week or two though, maybe longer.

    Just this sec got off the phone from my OPC talking about this. My car rolls off production on the 30th Nov, and apparently new cars won't be fitted with the iPod interface until 'sometime' in Dec, so I am just going to miss it.

    Retro-fit kits should be available in a few weeks here in the UK. As per normal though they will cost more to retofit than having installed from the factory.

    RC - just one thing, do we know for sure that it's just a power and stereo jack? If so I assume operation only through the iPod itself and I guess the PCM volume will not mute when you recieve a phone call or sat nav lady gives directions?!

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Attached is a one-page PDF of the info I have on the Porsche iPod (Musicplayer) interface. The summary is:

    * Audio in from both an Apple dock and a 3.5mm connection
    * Located in the center console storage bin
    * Presumably, power available from the Apple dock
    * No ability to see any track info on the PCM - it just shows 'iPod'
    * No ability to control the iPod on the PCM (apart from volume)

    This seems essentially to be a Aux-in and no more. The iPod display and touch wheel is not an ideal interface for control of the iPod while driving, whereas the PCM display and buttons (and remote steering wheel controls if you have them) are much more useful.

    These third-party boxes plug into the electrical supply for power (via a fused wire), and are added in-line in the fiber optic MOST ring, but they don't plug into the _electronics_ per se.

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Hi Guys,

    Just got through an ipod adapter nightmare that has turned into a wet dream and want to share my learnings with the group.

    I had the NavTV unit installed initially, and it went pretty much how people described. Extremely buggy. No random button working. 30% of the time you start the car, the unit fails to work and you have to park for about 20 mins then restart to get it to work. Bad UI, no way to update4 firmware without sending it back.

    After much consternation, I ordered the Dension unit from and had it installed yesterday. So far it is a dream come true. Easy to update firmware, much better user interface. I am able to find songs easier, put them in random, etc. It also has a feature where it breaks long lists up by ABC order so that I don't have to page through 3000 screens to get to my songs starting with "S".

    After experiencing both, there is no doubt in my mind you should get the Dension unit for anyone considering an upgrade.... Now if someone can only tell me the best mic placement so i don't get an echo from the bluetooth speaker phone I will be tremendous grateful

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Did you do the install yourself?

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    I just self-installed both the m0bridge iPod adaptor and the Tooki Bluetooth handsfree phone adaptor into my 2008 997 Turbo Cab today. It was slow going to remove all the trim pieces and turn all the screws (mostly due to unfamiliarity), but once the PCM was out the actual wiring of the power and the fibre was very easy and fast. Putting everything back was easy as by then I had figured out all the steps to remove & reinstall the PCM.

    Very first impressions are that the Tooki and the m0bridge seem to coexist without any problems. I've only played with the new system for about 15 minutes so this is by no means a comprehensive test. It will take a few weeks to get completely comfortable with both the interfaces (as well as the PCM too) and do a longer-term test.

    The Tooki (ordered directly from NAV-TV) didn't come with any install instructions (which was expected given Bob's post, but really not ideal), and also didn't come with a microphone (which was not expected and presumably a mistake). So I wasn't able to test the Tooki fully, but on calling my voicemail, I could hear the other end of the call through the speakers. I will be calling NAV-TV Monday to find out where my microphone is.

    A few preliminary observations:

    On the Tooki:
    * The supplied power harness is really easy - you can remove the ISO power plug from the back of the PCM, and connect the Tooki to fused power without any soldering / cutting / splicing etc.
    * The Tooki's phone book is not independent from the phone's - it copies the phone book over each time on connection (which takes a few seconds). This is a shame - I have a Blackberry 8700c with 5000+ contacts, many with several phone #s, most of whom I will never call from the car. I would much prefer to have the option of a separate, car-managed phone book to control what numbers are usable from the phone book. This feature means I will never use the phone book as most of the people I want to call won't be in the first few that get copied across
    * The system does pause the iPod and resume the track playing after the call finishes, which is what you would hope, but it's nice to see it work in practice

    On the m0bridge:
    * I tapped the power from the Tooki PCM power harness using splice connectors - this seemed easiest and avoided the need to add another fuse (as it should work off the PCM fuse in the fusebox)
    * Random mode is not preserved after switching the engine off - this is a known limitation of the PCM
    * It takes many seconds to refresh the full track list to become usable when scrolling past the first 99 items in a list - again I think this is a PCM limitation
    * There seems to be a slightly audible ascending-pitch whine over the speakers for a couple of seconds as the iPod spins up when starting to play for the first time. I have an iPod Classic 160GB with a hard disk, so I'm assuming that as the disk starts up, this causes the whining noise. I'm surprised that this happens as I thought the connection is all digital. Perhaps this is caused by the iPod at source?
    * I haven't tested the Aux in yet
    * I was hoping that the cover art would be visible when playing, but all you have is a white screen saying 'm0bridge'. So probably no need to mount the iPod on a cradle to the right of the PCM, apart from perhaps to unlock the iPod wheel to access podcasts (no way to do this from the PCM interface)

    You do have to lock the car and let the system settle / fully switch off for up to 10 minutes after the install, otherwise you can get errors which prevent you from using the PCM system at all.

    I put the Tooki in the cavity behind the climate control panel, below the PCM. This will let me add the microphone by just removing the right-hand leather side piece, rather than having to remove the whole PCM unit again.

    The m0bridge unit is a little bigger than the Tooki unit. It might fit on the plastic wall behind the PCM, but the disadvantage of that is (1) the Aux in won't be accessible to plug/unplug that (though that could be solved by running a permanent extension cable), and (2) the SD card slot (for firmware upgrades and future MP3 playback) won't be accessible. For now the m0bridge and iPod are in the glove box, but I'll have to find a more permanent location. The cables supplied by m0bridge are very long (to allow an in-trunk install) so they will need to be looped and held in place.

    Hope this is helpful to others considering one or both of these interesting pieces of kit.

    By the way, if you look at the PCM display for the Porsche 'Musicplayer' interface (referenced in my post above), it appears to be nothing more than an FM modulator with an RDS signal saying 'IPOD'. If you want FM-quality sound from your iPod and no PCM control, you can buy an FM modulator in Fry's for $20 or so. I wonder how much Porsche will charge...

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    sfguy: try creating new phone book entries on your BB and forcing them to sort to the top - a '.' in the first position might help. Assuming that the bluetooth interface sucks the phone book down by alpha position, this would enable you to pick the entries you want sync'd.

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Sfguy: Any update on the mObridge iPod adaptor. Did you get your bugs worked out?

    I have an early (2006) Nav TV iPod unit in my C4 cab which I am trading in for a new 997. I was going to go with Nav TV again in spite of the issues, but am exploring alternatives. Any further thoughts?


    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    any update on the official porsche iPod adapter. My porsche dealer says he does not know anything about it

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    The official adapter is just an FM transmitter with RDS info for the screen and no Ipod control.

    I just ordered my Mobridge unit due to arrive in a couple of days. I'll let you know how it goes.

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    RC said:
    The Porsche iPod interface (usable through PCM) is available now from Porsche. I'll get one of the first units installed in my 997 Turbo as soon as shipping starts, it may take a week or two though, maybe longer.

    Just in case it hasn'r been mentioned.
    It is also available for the Cayenne.

    Btw: all non-factory approved adapters which interfere with the electronics of the car may void your warranty for the whole electrical system of the car, incl. some black boxes. Just mentioning it...

    Hi RC

    Have you tried the Porsche adaptor or have a prt number for it? How is the sound and can you control everything through the PCM?


    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Porsche iPod integration-what a joke.
    I can't beleive that they actually did this, and then out the label PORSCHE on it.
    I thought Porsche was all about engineering but it appears it's about overpricing a copy in this case.
    The system is only a FM modulator with power.
    I have had a Mobridge unit fitted to my PCMII and it is perfect.
    It is completely functional and is completely controlled from the PCM unit.
    With the Porsche system you have the option of playing with volume.
    Not cool but not a big deal for most, but when you have a $200,000.00 au car and the local Hyundai dealer has one fitted to their $15,000.00 car and its a standard fitment option- you feel a little cheated.
    I do understand though that these cars were produced a year later and that the technology is new but aftermarket manufacturers like Mobridge and ICElink have been doing it for 2 years, why not just buy the rights to that.

    I have said my piece now

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Just got my Mobridge unit installed and its working with no problems or glitches whatsoever!

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Las997: Where did you buy the Mobridge and may I ask price? If thats rude, I will withdraw the last question. I am going to go with your assessment.


    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    I ordered the m0bridge directly from Scott Nelson at m0bridge. Price was $599 + $20.88 2-day shipping, + $50.92 CA sales tax (since they are based in CA too).

    In reference to other posts, I am not experiencing bugs with the m0bridge (it works fine). The limitations I mentioned above are more due to the fact that it has to emulate a CD-changer to interface to the PCM.

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Not at all. I picked mine up from Scott at Mobridge for $599 + shipping + tax. It was on back order for a while but he has stock now.

    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Just because...

    I just purchased a used 911 s with the Nav-TV ipod adapter installed and it works like a charm esp. given the tips on this thread (leave it in Nav mode before shutdown).   It's fine no hiccups.  That said I'm dead set on adding satellite radio and it appears that I'll have to ditch Nav-TV and install something like the M0bridge nes pas?


    Re: Nav-TV iPod adapter install

    Hi - very new member, just bought 08 c4s.  Wondering if anyone would suggest using a nav-tv ipod adapter or the porsche oem one?  I seem to get conflicting information from dealer, suncoast, etc.  Thanks very much.  Andy



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