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    I'm In Love

    So...I finally got my "New Car".
    What do I have to say about it: AWESOME... without a doubt
    the best car I've ever laid my fingers on...
    From the first time I took the car for a test drive, I
    knew that It was special...

    First of all, the car looks like nothing else on the road. It looks totally different from other Porsches, mainly because of the rear wing. It completely changes the profile of the car (IMO).
    Then there is the sound this beast makes. Whenever I open
    the throttle it makes me feel like I'm drving a LeMans racer! The 997 PSE sounds great in its own regard and I even think it may even be a little louder, but the GT3 sounds much wilder .
    I use the car practically everyday and I never tire of that sound. At idle and up to about 2000RPM it sounds like the car is alive behind you. Whirrs, rumbles, lots of different sounds are coming to you. It makes me feel asif I'm in a living thing. Then you put your foot down and the sound morphs into a Mad, Wild, Roar... Not like
    the Gayish scream of Ferraris , but a real racer-soundtrack. And Boy does it have the go to match its shout. I had a little race with a DB9 and I'm sure the Astons driver started crying . There he was in his car costing almost double mine and he was beaten easily by this 20 year old "boy"...I walked away from him.( Still Love the Aston Though )

    Concerning the cars handling... I know the car has a huge reputation and I treat it with utmost respect. I never really tried to reach the cars limits. And wont be trying to until I'm really confident with the car, so for now I'm just feeling it out.
    What I can say though is the car is really alive with feedback. You get information through the steering wheel, the seats, even the peddles give you the info you need, when you need it. Best of all, all this happens even when you are only giving the car 75%. You dont really have to
    be nailing it to feel involved.

    All that does have its drawbacks though. When driving on a road thats not race-track smooth, the can can become a little to "alive" though... Although the car is quite comfortable considering all its made to do, you do feel each and evey bump. But its not bone-jarring. Its not really uncomfortable, its just that you never really get as comortable as you would in a 997 CarreraS, for example.
    Other than that the car is just Perfect.
    It goes like a missile in a straight line, corners like, well a heat seeking missile aswell and sounds like a racing car.

    I do kinda regret something though... If this car is so cabable, what on earth will the 997 GT3 be able to do??

    Some pics from the day I picked my baby up. Once again sorry for the crappy picture quality... When I resized them they came out like this. SHOULD GET A NEW CAMERA!!!

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    Re: I'm In Love

    Really sorry about the bad pic

    Re: I'm In Love

    You better get that thing to a track day ASAP!

    Re: I'm In Love

    Ive taken "her" to a track already... Just to get to know
    her a little better. Dont worry... give me time amd I'll be taking on the Stradales

    Re: I'm In Love

    Thanks for the pics.

    Re: I'm In Love

    Wow...the best of all worlds a wilver GT3 (envy, envy, envy) what a wonderful car!!!! Thanks for sharing

    Re: I'm In Love

    Congratulations with your new Porsche BC,
    For having tested an MK I GT3 I can second the "missile" impression. The track is the place to use it properly indeed. For that purpose you may want to consider some Michelin Cup or PZero Corsa racing rubbers to exploit it's competence plainly
    Enjoy it!

    Re: I'm In Love

    I absolutely love this car, I wish it was mine!!
    So, when is your GT3 unguarded?

    Just joking, amazing car, have fun with it, but never forget to respect it!



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