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    A lot of Smoke!

    This happened twice, last Sunday after car was left sitting for about three hours (very hot day 30 degrees) started car & huge (to me?) (it was) puff of smoke on starting from exhaust (very Thick). This morning car left since about 2pm previous day & same thing on starting @ 7am this morning. 800kms only on car & carefully running in, oil seems not to have gone down according to gauge. Otherwise car is a dream, no strange sounds or lack of performance. Car is left on a slight incline bum back. Anybody else experience this before I go back to dealer.

    Re: A lot of Smoke!

    Are you JimFlat6's brother or are you just members of the same Weimaraner-avatar cartell???

    Dunno what your car is doing - sounds like loads of either steam or gasoline.
    What color does the smoke have?
    White, black/grey or blue?

    (If it's yellow you must contact your local nuclear powerplant

    Re: A lot of Smoke!

    No just the cartel, but his is cool too (other thread = Lights)

    smoke white & am sure was gas/petrol, guessing it may have to with heat. Will let car idle for a minute before switching off & see if makes a difference.

    Re: A lot of Smoke!

    If you had bad valve guides, it would smoke blue on deacceleration only.

    If you had water mixing with oil, or somehow your oil mixing with transmission fluid, you get large plumes
    of white smoke at all times.

    If upon start up only, you get a puff of smoke, its
    often common for Porsche flat engines to do that.

    Check your oil, if it has a milky whiteness to it,
    that is the symptom of a head gasket or coolant
    passage leak.

    If your exhaust pipe ends appear to have a black soot
    ring on them, your fuel mixture is too rich and you will
    get smoking when changing gears at peak revs.

    Its most likley just showing its "Porscheness." As the
    cylinders and pistons lay flat, its inevitable that a
    trivial anount of oil will leak by, mix with accumulated overnight moisture, and upon start up throw out a puff
    of smoke.

    Re: A lot of Smoke!

    Had the white smoke too! Just water on mine I think!

    Re: A lot of Smoke!

    A puff of white smoke was rather frequent with my 2.5L 99 on a cold engine start up. If you search the threads and boards on the Boxster you'll find it's a common observation. Blue/Black smoke requires more investigation as pointed out by JimFlat6.

    Re: A lot of Smoke!

    This was very common with 986 S and 2.7 after the car had been left for a few days then started. DOn't imagine it will be any different with the 987 as the engines haven't changed much.

    It is oil leaking into the cylinders, which then gets burnt on start up. It is nothing to worry about as long as the smoke disappears rapidly after start up.

    All the best,


    Re: A lot of Smoke!

    Thanks People, new car got a shock/fright, not happened since!



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