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    TipTronic Switch broken

    My father was hooking up when he was driving around a corner with his watch to the tiptronic switch, which after that broke out  its mount. He drove to Porsche, they told him this is a frequent problem and  the fix is around 1400,- €. After he complained that this is to expensive they came back and asked 600,- € for a fix. Unfortunately he forgot to ask what parts exatly they are going to change. Nevertheless he made and appointment for the week after. He told me about at the weekend when we had a family lunch and after I heard that I asked him to cancel his appointment and I fix it myself. So I bouth an Steering wheel from ebay which came with two tip tronic buttons - I paid 96 ,-€. Installation took less then 5 minutes to swap the modules (just hold by one screw) and - done, so easy! The original broken unit shows a little plastic which was broken. If someone is into DIY it should even be easy to fix this - anyway - the thing is solved for a small buck. 

    Just thought if someone has the same trouble - just change the whole module.

    Re: TipTronic Switch broken


    Interesting as I'm currently sorting out all the small things on my Audi S4 in readiness for disposal for when my GTS arrives in a couple of weeks. I'm trying to get it sorted really well as I've sold it to my dad..!

    I paid a small fortune for a cubbyhole door where the hinge had broken. I had phoned around the scrap dealers for a 2nd hand part - call me a conspiracy theorist, but i reckon Audi buys all the wrecked cars to eliminate the 2nd hand car part market. There wasn't a single 2nd hand cubbyhole for ANY A4 anywhere in Cape Town!

    Re: TipTronic Switch broken

    Thanks Lars, for sharing.  If one is willing to make a little effort, and not just act like a sheep, then you can sometimes avoid being screwed smiley


     997.2 C2S, PDK, -20mm

    Re: TipTronic Switch broken

    If this is a frequent problem, it indicates a bad design. Porsche should have done the repair for free, this isn't Skoda.

    RC (Germany) - Rennteam Editor Porsche 997 Carrera GTS Cabriolet PDK, BMW X5M, BMW M3 Cab DKG, Mini Cooper S Countryman All4

    Re: TipTronic Switch broken

    Hi Lars, same thing happened to me today. I was just wondering weather you had to take off the steering wheel. And if possible could you tell me lite more detailed how you fixed the switch?

    Thanks in advance,




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