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    Exhausts: Europipe vs Ruf vs 9ff

    Hi everyone!
    I am Andrea and it's the first time I am writing on this board, although reader for months.
    My compliments to you all for the topics treated always with up to date information and in a professional way .

    After months looking around and reading posts on aftermarket exhausts, I have now restrict my list to 3 producers: Ruf, Europipe and 9ff.
    I think we already said everything about Ruf and remain a reference for every producer but what about Europipe and 9ff?

    Europipe recently opened its web site ( and I have to say that the information reported are quite impressive :
    Stage 1 and Stage 2 (quite and loud version)
    from 14 to 18hp gain
    backpressure reduction from 0.36bar to 0.15bar
    up to +26nm on torque
    no resonance
    For the time being, this should represent my first choice unless someone of you should tell me something I don't know

    But where I really need your help is for 9ff. I only read about it (and were only good things) on two french magazines (Option Auto and Flat 6) and that's it. Apparently 9ff provides you with a button on the cockpit allowing to switch the sound of the exhaust to 3 positions: stock, loud but TUV compliant and very loud
    No clue on power/torque gain, resonance, etc
    Have you installed this exhaust or do you have more information??

    Many thanks to you all.

    Re: Exhausts: Europipe vs Ruf vs 9ff

    Also in addition to Andrea's questions, if someone could answer another question... Do these power claims only come within a very narrow rpm range? Just curious how much power they deliver in real life.



    Re: Exhausts: Europipe vs Ruf vs 9ff

    Hi Andrea

    I've also the problem of the sport exhaust.....

    I'm near the decision to buy a Cargraphic sound version....

    Now i take a look at europipe...(before i don't know this factory) and the exhaust looks good..also the website


    Now i send an e-mail to europipes and in the next days i'll take a decision....

    I'm with you to ask help to someone that know something about Europipes...


    Re: Exhausts: Europipe vs Ruf vs 9ff


    I installed the Europipe Stage II Quiet, the only difference between Stage II Quiet and Loud is the loudness. The performance is the same. The Europipe exhaust picked up power in all my lower and mid rpm ranges over the Ruf exhaust. It also picked up power in the upper ranges. Not alot but noticeable. See Stage XXX on 996 turbo Rennlist form for dyno differences between the two. If you want to hear the differences between the different EP exhausts go to their website



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