bravocharlie said:
I originally had spec'd LRD on my TT. However, I just returned from PDE in Birmingham, Alabama where I discussed this option with one of the instructors (professional race driver). He said that LRD wasn't not necessary as along as you weren't going to race the car on a track. Otherwise, he said, you would probably rarely, if ever use LRD and that the other PSM features on the car would be more than sufficient.

Necessary and sufficient for what? A cheap car is sufficient for transportation, but that's not why we buy Porsches let alone a 911 Turbo.

My advice would be as follows. When you drive a car with an open rear differential, do you notice when one of your rear wheels looses grip and the traction control is activated? If you've never noticed it (either because its never happened to you or you dont care if it does) then you won't miss the LSD. If you've noticed it but you don't mind, then you don't need the LSD. If you've noticed it and find it annoying, then you should get the LSD because it will solve this problem for you.

Another objective issue to consider is resale. Historically Porsche options don't hold their value, but the right options can make a car much easier to sell. It could be difficult to sell a used 997tt with manual only in a market where everyone wants their manual with LSD.

Hope this helps.