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    Baby Lambo. ready for Geneva 2003 show

    LAMBORGHINI INSIDERS TELL the coming Baby-Lamborghini in the Ferrari 360 class is ready for unveiling at next spring times 2003 Geneva Motor Show opening in the beginning of March - in other words in only five month.

    We know more and more about the car: First of all it is a true Lamborghini being a 2-seater coupe with midengine - but modern times come even to Northern Italy, the Baby-Lambo comes with 4-wheel drive. Remember, the Volkswagen Group with 4-wheel drive expert Audi is the new owner of Lamborghini, that is the explanation of the transmission.

    Most interesting is after all the engine design: V10. A 5-litre V10 normal-aspiration unit producing 500 hp. Gearbox will be a 6-speed manual 'box, paddle shift or not we do not know yet.

    . Baby-Lamborghini versus its rivals, Ferrari 360 Modena and Porsche 911 GT2
    . TYPE:
    . Lambo: 2-seater coupe, Ferrari: 2-seater coupe, Porsche: 2+2 coupe
    . DESIGN:
    . Lambo: Midengine, Ferrari: Midengine, Porsche: Rear-engine
    . ENGINE:
    . Lambo: V10, Ferrari: V8, Porsche: Flat-6
    . Lambo: 5.0-litre, Ferrari: 3.6-litre, Porsche: 3.6-litre
    . OUTPUT:
    . Lambo: 500 hp, Ferrari: 400 hp, Porsche 462 hp
    . ACCELERATION, 0-100 km/h:
    . Lambo: n.a. Ferrari: 4.5 sec., Porsche: 4.1 sec.
    . Lambo: n.a., Ferrari: 296 km/t, Porsche 315 km/h

    Re: Baby Lambo. ready for Geneva 2003 show

    I've heard that the engine will be 4.4 litres (V10) and that the power output 490 hp.The car is supposed to weigh less than 1400 kg, thanks to the all aluminum chassis.

    From the computer generated pics I've seen the front and sides look a lot like a smaller Murcielago, but I really didn't like the back.

    Re: Baby Lambo. ready for Geneva 2003 show

    Same for me, I wasn't impressed with the back either but let's wait for the final result, this are computer generated pics by magazines.
    The 4.5 sec time for 0 to 100 kmh for the Modena has misteriously never, ever, I mean never been achieved by any magazine who testdrove the car, especially with F1 transmission, I think that, from what I read from respectful mags such as Autocar or AMS, a time of 5.2 sec is more adequate.
    Just like Christian told me once, you'd have to work pretty hard and damage your clutch if you wanted to achieve a 0 to 100 in 4.2 sec in a 996 turbo.

    Re: Baby Lambo. ready for Geneva 2003 show

    i wouldn't spend to much attention to this pic as well. the design guys at lamborghini have proven that they know how to do their job -- the murcielago is plain cool the only problem could be that they have to match the orders from audi HQ, e. g. for chassis specs, and make too many compromises.

    the next modena [with a nice power incrase] will be available approx at the same time as the 'baby' lambo.

    to fanch: that is true... if you want to match the 0-100 performance figures of sports cars you really risk a serious clutch damage. i have to rev my carrera up to 4000-5000 rpm before letting the clutch in i do not try this out too often . even with F1: in the german manual of the BMW M3 E46 SMGII they note that you please avoid using the "race start" program too often, because it'll damage your clutch

    so the 0-100 time of the S 600 [4.5 sec, source 'auto motor sport'] makes me really worry -- thanks to the auto tranny the driver can achieve this performance ANY time -- i suppose you are not worried at all

    Re: Baby Lambo. ready for Geneva 2003 show

    Well, I'll let you know in a few weeks when we receive our S600
    I'm not expecting a fun drive though.
    I prefer nimbleness like a fine Boxster S to a super powerful 2.5 tons monster like the S600 ot the upcoming Bentley GT.

    Re: Baby Lambo. ready for Geneva 2003 show

    actually the Modena has frequently posted times well under 4.5 secs to 60, in fact it obtained 4.2 seconds in the Autocar road test, in that same test it got to 100 mph in 8.8 secs if I remember correctly.
    In all independent tests from italian mags it reached 100 kph (62 mph) in 4.4-4.6 secs.

    Sorry then, my mistake.

    But I am convinced that those times were achieved with manual transmission and not F1.
    Good for you then Luigi, isn'it?



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